Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins constantly take shots at each other through YouTube thumbnails and titles, and on June 13 Ninja playfully trolled Tfue yet again.

Tfue moved from his family home in Florida to an undisclosed location near New York City with his duo Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore in order to retain the lowest ping possible in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The higher the ping, the more lag a player will experience. For Tfue, the lowest ping possible means that he will easily be able to replace walls and gain the advantage over other players in Fortnite.

What did Ninja say?

Tfue has been titling most of his Fortnite streams as “0 ping”, which was something Ninja found to be worth noting to his duo Malachi ‘Reverse2K’ Grenier.

Ninja is currently in Los Angeles preparing for the Fortnite Pro-Am, where his ping is also close to or at 0.

Reverse2K asked the Twitch star what his ping was and Ninja responded with “nine” before it started to drop.

“Let me put it [ping] in my title every time I go live!” Ninja continued the banter with, “I forgot to tweet that I’m on zero ping, my bad.”

Reverse2K laughed in response before jokingly poking back with “You’re so toxic!”

Ninja vs Tfue

Tfue and Ninja are considered amongst the top Fortnite Twitch streamers in the industry and enjoy taking playful jabs at each other.

Tfue’s art team did a custom thumbnail with the Jonesy character knocking out Ninja with boxing gloves.

Whose thumbnail is better?

The ex-Halo star’s own art team then recreated their own rendition of the boxing-themed Fortnite thumbnail.

We don’t expect the two to stop taking shots at each other since neither seems too keen with giving up their spots as the best Fortnite entertainers on the planet.

As long as the jabs stay playful and in good spirit, we are excited to see more bouts of friendly competition!

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