The new Fortnite update was one of the most immediately controversial patches in Fortnite history.

At this point I assume everyone has read the Patch Notes and seen the reactions to the update.

If you haven’t here are some of the best community reactions.

In that article, Ninja has a quick clip saying he wanted to take some time to gather his thoughts on the update before posting his reaction.

He took that time and shared his thoughts in a Twitter video.

He says he “understands why Epic made these changes… because they want to create a ‘safe space’ for casual/new players in Fortnite.”

That point is similar to the argument I made for why this update may not be such a bad thing.

Here are Ninja’s full comments covering the changes to the Infantry Rifle as well as the reversion of the Pop-Up Cup settings.

One point he makes is worth focusing on. Because the new Arena Mode will be based on MMR (skill-level) the matchmaking fills lobbies with people of a similar skill level.

Once you move to the top levels of the Arena Mode it could become tough for players to find a game. For streamers, that is a huge problem as people don’t want to watch a matchmaking process for 15 minutes.

They could, of course, move to a casual game mode, but they would then be playing on these new settings. That seems to go against Epic’s plan to move the top half of the player base over to Arena.

Ultimately that is a problem that would only affect the best of the best, but people who watch a lot of Fortnite on Twitch would see a change.

People at high MMRs in games like Rocket League or League of Legends struggle to find games when soloing, even when the lobby is only trying to fill six or ten players respectively.

Trying to fill 100 seems like a tough task. The way other games accomplish this is by expanding the player pool the game is searching every minute, slowly dropping the necessary MMR to join the lobby.

Fortnite could do the same, but it would be at a much larger scale. Ultimately, it may take some time before the Fortnite player base gets used to this split of Arena Mode and Casual players.

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