Ninja posted a video to social media discussing his FNCS Grand Finals placement and his future plans for competitive Fortnite.

There was a time in Fortnite history when Ninja was widely considered the best in the game. He was one of the early adopters of Fortnite and is credited with helping the game breakthrough to the mainstream.

After a while, though, other players started catching up. Players like Myth broke through as the best pre-turbo-building builder. Nick Eh 30 and others started implementing early edit strategies, and Tfue soon took the “best player” crown from Ninja.

Ninja was always the most popular Fortnite player. Despite his Twitch numbers, Ninja has been the most recognizable figure in gaming – breaking through to the mainstream before Bugha was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon.

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It became clear that Ninja was resting on his laurels after his early success. He focused on streaming and entertaining rather than competing with the pro players who began multiplying in number.

Once he began to fall behind, though, Ninja’s competitive spirit kicked in. It wasn’t enough for him to be the most popular gamer in history. He also wanted to be one of the best players in Fortnite.

Ninja started to grind again. He took the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers seriously with his partner Reverse2k. He began to practice his building and edits again, and his skills improved in front of our eyes.

Time and practice are almost always rewarded with success. Ninja and Reverse2k broke the duo win streak world record and crafted a squad that qualified for the FNCS finals.

Reverse2k, Nate Hill, Funkbomb, and Ninja placed fourth in the first hear of the FNCS finals, which was enough to put them into the Grand Finals in NA East.

On Sunday, the team placed eighth in the Grand Finals – taking home $15,000 between them. This placement represents Ninja’s best among the top-level competitors he was facing. After the Grand Finals, Ninja posted a video that recapped the event and discussed his future with competitive Fortnite.

“I definitely fell off a lot when I really wasn’t focusing on competing,” Ninja admitted in the video. “I feel like I’m back up to par with every single top player, and it feels good.”

Ninja continued to say that he’s going to keep competing in the Cash Cups and other online tournaments. He expressed his intent to compete in the 2019 Winter Royale but isn’t sure if his schedule will line up this time.

We haven’t seen the end of Ninja as a competitive Fortnite player. It’s clear that the streamer and pro has a competitive drive to be the best, and won’t stop until he brings home a W.

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