In a recent livestream, Twitch Streamer Ninja talked about pros using “stretched resolutions” and why they are banned during Epic Games’ Fortnite tournaments.

Stretched resolutions are when a player forces the game to appear stretched so they can aim more easily onto a wider target. This happens when you change the aspect ratio of the game from 16:9 to 4:3.

There’s no proof to show it actually works in Fortnite, even though it’s proven to make games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive easier. However, Epic Games are being safe rather than sorry after banning the use of that resolution in their Fortnite tournaments.

stretched resolutions
Image Source: Forbes

Ninja says “all the stretch pros that are now switching back to native resolution – that’s one of the main reasons I never changed off of the default res[olution], man.”

He seems to take quite a condescending tone to those who use it as a tactic.

“Do you honestly think that Epic is going to, like, let you run that disgustingly ugly stretched res[olution] on their tournaments and their capture cards when they’re trying to broadcast it to the millions of people who will have no idea why the resolution looks so bad?”

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