Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on April 23 and dropped a huge announcement stating he will be live streaming from the Lollapalooza music festival for the second year in a row.

Every Fortnite fan has heard of Ninja, and love him or hate him, he continues to reach a level of success no other gamer has witnessed.

He appeared on the American talk show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about what he will be up to at the Chicago music event, Lollapalooza.

“This summer I will be at Lollapalooza, streaming live from like the general audience,” Tyler explained to Jimmy Fallon, who was excited by the announcement.

“I will be in the crowd, in the Red Bull Refuel booth, and I am going to be gaming and streaming live.” He continued by dropping a subtle hint to the host with, “There is going to be an open seat next to me for people who want to come by who are artists or, you know, really cool night show hosts who want to play!”

Ninja live streamed from the Chicago music festival last year where attendees could line up to meet Ninja while enjoying the different musical acts that went on throughout the weekend.

This year will be the first year he will be amongst the general audience, which gives fans more of an opportunity to shake hands with the Fortnite legend.

Ninja boasts an enormous online following with over 14 million Twitch followers and still holds the record for the most concurrent viewers at over 600,000!

Lollapalooza will be held at Grant Park in Chicago from August 1 to 4.

For fans who are interested in purchasing tickets, they can head to the official Lollapalooza ticket website.

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