Fortnite superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins claimed the world record for the most consecutive wins in Duo pubs with his teammate Team SoloMid pro Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner.

Epic Games battle royale attracts millions of players, and there’s a sizable portion of the community who have always fought to one-up each other with various records such as most kills in a game and more.

But now the world’s most popular gamer and TSM’s bright Fortnite star have ground over 40 games in order to take a record that could definitely stand for a long time to come in the battle royale’s history.

During their October 2 streams, Ninja and Reverse2k started out their streams with one goal in mind “Possible World Record for most duo wins in a row today,” per Reverse2k’s stream title.

As of 6:51 pm EST, according to a watchful fan, they astonishingly completed their goal by amassing 43 consecutive victories as they demolished the pub-lobbies to attain their goal.

“World record defeated for Duo win streak with Reverse2k,” Ninja said on his Twitter account after claiming the feat.

“Oh my head’s hurting. My head is actually hurting,” Reverse2k said. “… 43 wins in a row bro. Holy.”

It wasn’t an easy climb to the top for the two stars, however, as the duo came into some close games during their record attempt which saw Ninja in a “heal off” against an opponent.

“I’ve only been able to pop in and out of the streams today,” one viewer said. “But my eyes were bugging out of my head for the game where Reverse bounce padded Ninja’s body into the safe zone late, revived him, and Ninja went on to win a heal off with like 15-25 hp or something.”

The same user went on to explain that even though the record saw two elite players destroying people in public games, it was still an accomplishment to note: “I know these are “just pubs” but they’re not just slaying bots or hiding to get these wins. They have kids sweating all over them and they’re sweating themselves.”

Previous record-holder ‘Siqqza’ and their metric of 42 duo game wins in a row has finally been dethroned now that Ninja and Reverse2k claim the Fortnite world record.

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