Streaming can be hard job and with the introduction of brand deals and other incentives, the world of streaming can be extremely tumultuous. Ninja believes that the Tfue lawsuit should prove that even big streamers need support.

The Tfue lawsuit has been the hot topic of the last few days. Details keep pouring out and new events keep taking place. FaZe Banks has had two breakdowns on Twitter, Tfue released a contradictory response video, and Tfue’s brother had his account hacked.

Other people, like Ninja, have also had some things to say about the situation. The latest statement from Ninja didn’t have to do with Tfue, but rather his own experiences with streaming.

Ninja says perceived wealth shouldn’t matter

Ninja has been following the events of the Tfue lawsuit and wanted to draw a connection between his experience and Tfue’s.

Ninja claims that he has had an issue in the past where supporters stopped giving him donations and subs due to his fame. Ninja does make a lot of money per year, but a majority of that money is from his own supporters.

Essentially, this meant that he would lose money for being successful. We understand the reason behind wanting to stop giving to a millionaire, but the reason he is a millionaire are the donations viewers give.

In the clip, Ninja argues that the Tfue lawsuit shows that people should simply support who they support. Subscribe to those people who you like, irrespective of their current fame and wealth.

Twitch streaming can be a hard career for many as you barely scrape by with donations, some small deals, and subs. Ninja, of course, doesn’t have this problem, but the point is valid nonetheless.

You shouldn’t stop supporting someone just because you think that they might be ‘well off.’ For example, in Tfue’s case, other people were making the majority of the money in brand deals…not Tfue.

With that said, it’s also a great thing to support smaller streamers and communities. Ninja’s point stands even stronger for those streamers with 100-500 viewer averages.

These streamers truly need your help to keep making content and supporting them matters. If you like a streamer, maybe don’t jump on the hate bus so quickly if they happen to become famous. Some people can’t handle that fame and do change, but we would argue that Tfue and Ninja aren’t like that.

‘Support people who you support’ is a good sentiment for Twitch viewers to keep close to their hearts.