It appears that some people were actually upset that the Combat Shotgun was Vaulted in Fortnite Battle Royale.

When it comes to overpowered weapons, Fortnite community members typically make their feelings known to Epic Games.


As of September 5, the Combat Shotgun was deemed as ‘the’ weapon to complain about in regards to it being an easy kill with a very small little skill gap.

This thought is especially prevalent throughout the competitive Fortnite community, with a number of high profile players voicing their enjoyment with Epic deciding to finally Vault the Combat Shotgun.

Yet, not everyone was happy with the decision. Bizzle, a competitive player for Ghost Gaming, questioned why Epic Games would remove the gun on Twitter.

The Tweet caused some stir and eventually led Ninja to provide some fair reasoning behind the Vault.

However, Ghost Bizzle didn’t seem to like this answer and jokingly tried to come at Ninja for his Fortnite skills.

Ninja was prepared for this exchange and responded simply with a “You must have read my book” – a nod to how massive Ninja has become in the mainstream world for his Fortnite ability.

All jokes aside, the Combat Shotgun being Vaulted is a major step for Epic Games attempting to balance Fortnite for all players.

Even though it did take a long time for the weapon yo be removed, it appears that Epic Games are attempting to listen to community feedback and level with their player base.

Will the Combat Shotgun return to Fortnite? Well, it’s hard to say. Weapons do typically return in some way but are usually just additions to Limited Time Modes.

Do you agree with Ninja or Ghost Bizzle? Let us know in the comments below!

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