Ninja and Reverse2k are long time Fortnite partners and the two have a great relationship on stream. With that said, a bit of sarcastic tension did erupt as the result of a high wager bet between the two players.

Ninja is known to get a little feisty from time to time when he gets aggravated. Depending on the situation, his anger is either real or sarcastic.

In this case, it’s all in good fun and we thought we’d have a little fun looking at their interaction. It all started with a big boy wager.

Ninja loses $1K bet to Reverse2k

Ninja, Reverse2k’s duo teammate, challenged his friend to a serious $1000 dollar wager.

If Reverse2k could win the match of Squads while all of his teammates were dead, Ninja would give Reverse a sum of $1000.

Naturally, Reverse clutched up and easily won the match by himself with no major problems. Ninja, being a man of his word, donated the massive $1000 sum to Reverse on his stream.

Instead of the typical reaction to a big donation (jumping for joy, rolling on the floor, screaming, etc.), Reverse simply sat there and said a short, unenthusiastic “thank you.”

Ninja, of course, had been waiting for a proper thank you from his friend and decided to pull out his old school insult.

“For the thousand dollars, you said thank you?” Ninja yelled. “I just gave you a fucking grand you little shit… Are you out of your mind? That’s the most money you’ve ever seen!”

The ‘you little shit’ is a line Ninja was known for using throughout his Halo days. He obviously meant it all in jest and smiles throughout the clip. Reverse2k had in fact already talked about the money a bit before Ninja came to the stream.

It’s rare to hear him use the insult these days as he was calmed down his use of expletives due to a larger young audience for Fortnite.

CourageJD shows Reverse how it’s done

“I’ll give you the reaction you want!” – CourageJD – via @CoDWorldLeague

Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop decided to add even more humor to the situation by telling Reverse2k that he knows how to properly react.

“Ninja… I’m gonna be able to feed my family this week,” CouRage said, pretending to cry. “One thousand dollars, grandma we can get you your arthritis surgery now. Oh my god thank you, Ninja. You saved my family.”

All of this is sort of an parody sketch of tight strung individuals who react truly poorly when a streamer does not react ‘the right way’ to a big donation. It’s good to have a bit of a laugh every once a while.