Since the leak of the Galaxy Skin in Patch v5.20, the community has anxiously awaited its release. In a video partnered with Samsung titled IRL Supply Drop!! – Samsung x Fortnite Unboxing, Ninja reveals the Galaxy Skin in-game and showcases Fortnite played on a Galaxy Note 9.

Included in the Supply Drop is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a custom Galaxy Skin art piece, and other goodies.

What do you think of the Galaxy skin, is it worth the hefty price of buying a Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4?

Following the reveal of the Unboxing video, Ninja jumped in-game on PC with the Galaxy Skin.

I’m going to completely honest with you guys. This skin, this is the best skin in the game, facts. And I’m sorry, I hate to say it.

The Galaxy Note 9 is set to release on August 24th. Expect to see very few players with the Skin in-game. Will you be one them?

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