Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins appears to have weathered another controversy following Epic Games denying they banned a player because the popular streamer reported them for high ping.

When you’re the top dog in the gaming and streaming industry, you’re regularly going to have to defend yourself against those who will attempt to bring you down.

Ninja’s rise to fame has firmly put the crosshairs on his reputation, with hordes of internet users waiting to jump on the next controversy that involves him.

On November 17 the American personality was accused of getting a player banned because he reported an Australian player for high ping after killing him in game.

According to Epic, the banned player had actually changed the name of another banned account to make it look like he’d been punished for the high ping report.

Ninja has finally spoken out about the situation following his streamer peers, such as DrLupo and Courage, coming to his defense. However, it doesn’t look like he has much faith in the way he has been perceived, raising concerns people won’t bother to look into it and continue to point the finger.

It’s unlikely we’ll see Ninja drop from the top spot anytime soon as his channel continues to be consistently in the top two growing channels on Twitch.

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