Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was left completely enraged after dying to a BRUTE Mech after being unable to dodge it’s new laser targeting system.

It’s been well documented how controversial the BRUTE Mech’s currently are in Fortnite Season Ten. Despite numerous calls from the community – including casual players, competitive stars, and streaming personalities – Epic has not yet rolled out a significant nerf or even chosen to vault them. 

While the wait for those changes go on, they’re still going to frustrate players across the globe – including Ninja, who was left totally enraged after falling victim to one BRUTE Mech’s rocket barrage.  

IMG: Fortnite

During his August 14 streamer, the former Halo pro had been playing alongside DrLupo, Dakotaz, and CDNTheThird when the squad ran into trouble. They were gunned down by a rival team operating two mechs, leaving them annoyed. Yet, they weren’t as furious as Ninja was. 

“No!” screamed the streamer after his whole squad was wiped out by the BRUTE Mech. Despite laughter from his teammates, Ninja yelled “Epic!” as the wait to return to the pre-game lobby continued. 

His outburst wasn’t finished there though. “I mean, I don’t even know how I died. I saw the lasers you know,” he began calling out, with a quickened pace to his voice before climaxing to a roar. “I knew, I mean, they were looking right at me but I just couldn’t dodge it!”

Ninja wasn’t finished there though, as he continued to criticize the recent V10.10 update and the annoying BRUTEs. “I just thought, you know, with the update I would see the lasers and I’d be able to dodge it but I still can’t dodge it,” he added. 

“I guess I’m just trash. I thought I was going to be able to dodge it once lasers were in the game, you know what I mean – I thought it was a great update,” Ninja said, as he continued to ramp up the annoyed sarcasm. “I thought it was a great patch!” 

It still remains to be seen if Epic are going to act upon the community outrage of if BRUTE Mech’s will continue to be the scourge of Fortnite Season X.

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