Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has dropped into thousands of Fortnite games, but there is one location he particularly is not fond of and avoids it like the plague.

Ninja was streaming Season 8 during March 2019, when he decided to land at Pleasant Park.

He has publicly stated that he has not landed at Pleasant Park since Season 6, until he tried to shoot his shot again a couple weeks into Season 8.

Ninja landed at the western side of Pleasant and began to build up towards an enemy when he was shot in the back.

Unfortunately for one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Ninja was promptly shot down after he was unable to build a protective wall on top of one of the houses in Pleasant.

“I hate Pleasant Park more than anything!” He screamed in frustration as he headed back to the lobby.

Fortnite’s Pleasant Park features a square shape surrounded by houses.

“It is the worst place on God’s green freaking earth to land, dude.” Ninja continued by saying, “It is nothing but a complete and utter cluster-f, man.”

Ninja went on to explain his opinion on Pleasant with, “You get shot from every house in every direction because it is a freaking cube of houses that everyone has an angle on.”

Pleasant Park is a popular area for players to land as there are tons of houses to search for loot, however, players are not allowed to build off of the houses – which was exactly what Ninja encountered.

Pleasant Park has been in Fortnite since Season 1 and has continued to be a landing “hot spot”.

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