Ninja is not happy with how Epic Games is handling the current competitive/casual conflicts of Fortnite. In fact, he recently rage-quit the game and just went to play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice instead.

Epic Games has recently been struggling with some serious issues in trying to deal with the skill-gap in Fortnite. They want to divide the community into two segments, but are failing at the implementation quite spectacularly.

Arena Mode is the new ranked mode for Fortnite, but it’s got one massive issue. Queue times for high-tier players like Ninja are astronomical. How can someone grind and try to get better when times in between games are five minutes or more?

To further complicate the issue, Epic decided to remove the extremely popular ‘siphoning’ from the core modes of Fortnite. The mechanic of giving shields/health per kill essentially ensures that better players win out more in fights than worse players.

This means competitive players have a really hard time practicing at all and must resort to playing on Public Solos/Duos vs. casual players with the wrong settings. An absolute disaster.

Ninja let out frustations on Wednesday, April 3rd as he was fed up with Epic Games. It’s a two part rage and it’s fiery. A true must-watch.

Yeah…Ninja’s not happy with Fortnite’s current direction. His reaction reflects the community’s feelings on the matter as well. Arena Mode is not a good grinding practice ground for top-tier players due to massive wait times.

On top of that, the game gets worse for casual players because as Ninja said “you get a bunch of sweats in these casuals” because “it takes a thousand years to find a match.”

Ninja got so fed up with the game, he actually jumped onto one of the hardest single-player experiences of all time for some actual fun. This game is From Software’s & Activision’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Honestly, the way Epic Games is handling the siphoning and Arena Mode wait time issues is simply unacceptable. They are attempting to ignore the community and hope the problem passes them by.

Well, they better start listening as even Ninja, a streamer that essentially became truly relevant from Fortnite, is rage-quitting the game. Soon, other pros will just the follow the same pattern.

We need true solutions for these problems from Epic. Queue times in high level Arena mode need to be fixed and siphoning must be brought back into core modes. The absolute majority of the community wants these changes.

The flood of “sweats” in core modes is substantial as the best players (tens of thousands of them) are quitting Arena due to high queue times.

Will Epic fix these problems in time or are they truly going let this problem get even worse? What do you think is reason behind delaying changes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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    • Actually, that would solve that problem. Even if it was like an item that after using it, the next 10 kills you get have siphon. Great idea!

  1. “How can someone grind and try to get better when times in between games are five minutes or more?” Welcome back to the world of noobs. Not fun spending more time waiting than playing, huh?

  2. Epic: You hate thirsting?
    Streamers: Yup.
    Epic: Siphon makes people thirst more?
    Streamers: Yup.
    Epic: So let’s remove siphon!
    Streamers: PlZ rEvErt EpIc

  3. Epic is being so stupid right now. I’m actually gonna quit fortnite if they don’t add siphon and the other shit back. Ninja is right when he rage quit fortnite. Very soon I’m gonna do that too.

  4. It’s still kind of weird to think that people are getting even more triggered than the backlash of planes and a game-breaking sword, probably all together.

    • Honestly, I don’t understand. They don’t have siphon for like six seasons, people are fine. Add it for three weeks, then take it away: Everybody stops playing fortnite and acts like it was the most important part of the game. 🤦‍♂️😂

      • It’s like if someone gave you a 10000$ gaming pc then two weeks later took it away causing you to go back to your 10$ crappy laptop and then was like well two weeks ago you didn’t have the pc so it doesnt really matter

        • No, it doesn’t! I would be sad for a bit then get used to it. It’s honestly not a big deal. Also, I play on mobile, but if you have an awesome pc, I’m welcoming any donations. 😂 (Whether or not I just lose the computer in two weeks.)

          Also, if people want it so bad, instead of spamming “revert”, actually try and be helpful. Ask them to maybe add a Siphon potion as someone else (JeSerai.Guy) said on here, or bring back siphon mode as a permanent gamemode. They could also make it an option like fill, Siphon on/off, and you would only be paired with players who select the option you pick. (I believe somebody has already said that one somewhere else, sorry but I don’t keep track. )There you go: Have a Great Day!!!!!!!

      • This, right there. Bring back the thing that only existed in LTMs for 6 seasons, so I don’t have to use any strategy in my inventory slots.

      • That’s what I always say in this comment section and nobody wants to change their mind. I have only seen a few (you and someone else) that have the same idea than I. Man, people just don’t seem or want to understand 🤷‍♂️.

  5. Only 12 year olds care what this little bitch has to say. Hes crying about a new thing every day. Please stay away from Fortnite, you wont be missed

  6. The only thing that sucks about fortnite is that you probably suck at 3rd person shooters. The bloom keeps this game alive. The features makes me enjoy that a beta is constantly evolving. Im glad noobs are quitting keeping this game competitive. If you need to practice your shots look up training stages in creative mode and hopefully your toxic experience will change. Maybe then you can see how no other game compares. I’m a league of legends, halo, cod and borderlands player.

  7. So… We’re gonna rant on and rage quit a (free) game that’s made us a millionaire because they made an update we (who play for free) didn’t like? OMG, I have to wait *5 whole minutes* to get in a match with the best players in the world (on a free game). Stop being an entitled man-child and use your 5 minutes to go make a sandwich. I think grinding your (free) game is making you hangry.


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