Whoops. Ninja got a little too eager on Twitch and may have dropped some big news we didn’t know about.

When talking about NICKMERCS leaving 100T, which is also a major roster move, Ninja lets it slip that CouRage JD has seemingly already signed to the organization.

CouRage has been one of the top streamers on Twitch for over a year and has been a free agent since he left OpTic Gaming a couple of months ago.

While he tries to backpedal on the declaration, saying he is just “making assumptions” this feels like an insider saying too much.

“NICKMERCS is just as big, if not a little bigger than CouRage, but CouRage recently signed with 100T,” Ninja said. “I don’t think Jack would do that if it wasn’t a great organization with great contracts, so maybe [NICKMERCS] just wanted to leave.”

The responses from the other people in the party definitely show he said something he wasn’t supposed to. “I’m gonna DM you on Twitter real quick, don’t say anything, just read it.”

Then Ninja says “I was just assuming, I know there wasn’t an announcement or anything like that.”

He goes on to say “CouRage is just hanging out with Nadeshot in California right now.” Then Ninja leaves the frame and just reads chat while not saying anything.

That statement is just weird if it isn’t actually breaking news. Why say that CouRage signed with an organization if you know that signing hasn’t been announced yet?

Either you are using a very weird comparison to NICKMERCS, or you are releasing news that wasn’t previously out there.

CouRage still doesn’t advertise 100T on his profiles anywhere. He is very close to 100T CEO Nadeshot, so the move makes sense, but this definitely wasn’t how CouRage or 100T wanted to break the news.

Also CouRage just being with Nadeshot isn’t a huge deal because the two former OpTic guys hang out often, but apparently there are some negotiations happening this time.

For big signings like this, organizations often pull out the stops for announcements. Something they will still probably do, but they were beaten to the punch now.

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