Some Fortnite competitive players tend to leave their game early due to their partner being eliminated early, poor loot, or are simply dissatisfied with the game, which is exactly what Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve and Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo did to Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Epic Games invited a limited amount of players to practice in a Limited Time Testing Event for the Fortnite World Cup in New York.

Qualifiers begin next week, on April 13, and players are trying to get as much practice as possible.

What happened between Liquid’s Chap and Poach, and Ninja?

Team Liquid’s Poach and Chap were participating in the Testing Event and were in the same lobby as Ninja and his partner Reverse2K.

Ninja was able to down Poach from behind thanks to the new Boom Bow that Epic added into Fortnite with patch v8.20, and was quickly eliminated.

Liquid Chap and Poach decided that the game was not worth finishing, so they deliberately quit, which in turn took away points from other players.

Can you be banned for leaving early in Fortnite?

Some other popular Fortnite players have been under fire for quitting early, like TeamSolo Mid’s Zexrow and Rogue’s Morgausse, which cost other players valuable points.

According to Epic’s official rules for the Fortnite World Cup, “players are expected to play to the best of his or her ability at all times during the match.”

It is also noted in the official rules by Epic Games that intentionally disconnecting from a match without a legitimate reason is classified as “unfair play”.

We expect to see Epic taking action on players who disconnect early, especially for situations like the one between Liquid Chap, Liquid Poach, and Ninja.

Players who disconnect on purpose cost other players valuable points, and during the Fortnite World Cup, that could translate to thousands of dollars.

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  1. They didn’t take points away from them, because in this event the only way you could get a point was by winning the match

  2. Might wanna report on how that shield one website the damage numbers for the epic and legendary infantry rifle have changed, sadly this probably means they’ll put them in the game


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