Fortnite can be a great experience when it works, but it has recently been riddled with bugs and glitches. Ninja experienced a new whole level of frustration when he encountered something…ethereal in the Arena mode.

Epic Games has recently been struggling to deal with a growing number of bugs within the Fortnite’s Battle Royale modes. Ghostly hitmarkers, sound displacement glitches, and now…ethereal creatures.

Ninja had a run in with an absolutely ludicrous bug and we’d like an explanation from Epic Games. This one is simply a must watch.

Invisible player ‘destroys’ Ninja

Ninja, like many other Fortnite pros, plays Arena Solos/Duos regularly to upkeep his skills. It’s not the perfect practice, but it’s the best competitive players have right now.

Recently, when Ninja was in the end-game of an Arena match, he had an interesting run in with a player that had turned invisible.

The player who kills Ninja is completely invisible until directly after Ninja is dead. Shotgun blasts just keep flying out of mid-air…

While some might immediately jump to the blame the player for hacking, we think that there is more than one possible explanation. Occlusion culling could be at play or perhaps an undiscovered bug with the new Ruin skin?

Was that a hacker or a bug?

While it could be completely possible that the player who killed Ninja was hacking, it would be an extremely dumb and obvious hack.

The player’s name is shown directly afterwards as ‘SoaR Loe’ and such an obvious breach of the rules would land the player an immediate ban. This is why we suspect that the blame for this goes to Epic Games.

The player’s model reappears as soon as Ninja dies, so we suspect that the bug as something to do with the player camera and occlusion culling in Fortnite.

Occlusion culling is a process in modern games that disable the rendering of objects when they are not in view of the player. This is to save on video memory and allow the game to run at smoother framerates.

And what has Epic Games recently been busy working on to ensure the quality of competitive end-games? Performance.

One way to improve performance would be to fine tune occlusion culling further, but if a developer slightly pushes the parameters too far…this bug can occur.

The game’s culling mechanism could have gotten stuck and failed to the re-render the player’s model when he entered Ninja’s area of visual loading. Understandable, but we still expect better from Epic Games.

Epic Games has not issued any official statement on this particular issue.