Hugely popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins doesn’t seem to be a fan of Fortnite professionals who continually complain about the game.

Fortnite pros have complained about the state of one of the game’s newest additions – The Baller.

While the single-occupancy vehicle isn’t incredibly powerful like an X-4 Stormwing attack plane, it has become a part of the competitive meta as players use the rolling vehicle to survive until the late game – bouncing from circle to circle in a bid to survive.

A number of pros, most notably Team Liquid’s Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve, have spoken out about the new vehicle, comparing it to the planes – even though the Baller lacks the capability to cause any real damage with attacks.

However, Ninja hit back at their complaints during a stream on March 15.

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“What do the pros like?,” Ninja asked, after being told about the dislike surrounding the vehicle.  “That’s one thing I’ve learnt. If you guys want to follow negative people, follow any player who plays the game professionally. Like, 99% of the time – all their tweets are all negative.”

That’s not to say Ninja hasn’t complained about the game in the past – he even owned up to that and admitted recent tweets of his own haven’t been fully supportive of the game.

The former Halo professional turned mega-popular streamer rarely lets his feeling stay bottled up – even complaining about the planes back in Season 7.  

While pros do have a right to complain, they can easily lose out on earnings and career progression through strange in-game antics, being overly critical isn’t going to help their cause.

Do you think Ninja is right? Or, are you backing the pros complaints about the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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