Valid and constructive criticisms of video games lead to better products in the end, but whining and flaming won’t get anybody anywhere. Ninja called out such useless complaining upon Season 9’s release.

Ninja is not one to mince words when it comes to video games. He tells it like he sees it and has often criticized Epic’s decision-making. With that said, he is also willing to turn on his fellow pro players who seem to only have time to complain.

Many professional players wanted Epic to take action in solving the balance issues of the Pump/Tactical Shotguns. After Epic did so, some of these same pros decided to flame Epic Games to produce attention around their social media accounts.

Ninja hits back at other Fortnite pros

Epic Games has made some questionable decisions in the past, no question about that.

With that said, each and every criticism of Fortnite must have basis in fact and provide a solution the problems. Many pros and community members criticize the game is such a manner, but a portion simply wants to rile up anger.

Ninja saw this occurring during and before the launch of Season 9 and wanted to call out the act.

Ninja telling the truth , streamers and their audience are destroying this game , complaining about everything from r/FortNiteBR

As Ninja says, people listen closely to what their own favorite streamers and influencers say and do. Even if the player personally enjoys Season 9, they will begin to change their view in order to stay in agreement with their favorites.

Season 9 isn’t perfect, but simply saying screaming into the void without hard facts to back up statements is irresponsible.

Ninja’s primary targets were probably players such as Tfue, who draw in tons of viewers, but seem to criticize the game’s changes purely for attention.

Regular players can say and do what they want, but Ninja makes a good point about streamers. They have special privilege, but also a responsibility to never flame a game purely for because they feel angry.

Streamers must keep a cooler hear when discussing games or the games will simply wither away. Ninja’s example of Halo Reach is quite apt. The game wasn’t the greatest Halo of all time, but it wasn’t some under-produced garbage.

Yet, some pro Halo players (at times Ninja himself) criticized the game without any concrete discussion to back it up.

A great criticism of the new mechanics came from Liquid Poach, who disagreed with the removal, but gave a good reason why.

Twitter isn’t the best to discuss hard issues due to the character limit, but this looks like the beginning of a dialogue rather than an argument. The Pump was contributing to too many kills, but countered extremely long build fights.

Due to Turbo Building and instant rebuilding in Fortnite, some players will never fight…in a shooting game. Surely, there are other methods of solving this than having one single weapon reign supreme at close range. Maybe some smart nerfs to building are in order?

Constructive criticism and discussion is great and should be applauded. With that said, simply saying “I liked the Pump” is not a valid defense. Saying the change “has ruined Fortnite” is too far and skips over Epic’s decision making reasoning.

According to Epic Games, 26% of kills were performed with the Pump Shotgun. Some change needed to be made for proper loot balancing.

Some influencers even tweeted similar threats before the patch went live. How can anyone make a rational decision with zero data to back up their claims?