2018 treated Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins like a king, and he isn’t slowing down in the new year.

On January 6, Ninja tweeted that his channel reached 400,071,708 total views on Twitch.

If you would like to compare him to other big Twitch streamers, Shroud and Dr. Disrespect are currently at 250 and 100 million, respectively.

400 million views on Twitch is an impressive number, but it is no surprise as Ninja had 227 million hours of view time in 2018.

To compare Ninja’s success in 2018 to others, he actually tripled the total view time of the Official Overwatch League channel.

The ex-Halo professional managed to rake in tons of cash in 2018, as it is estimated that he earned over $10 million dollars throughout the last year.

Ninja hosted several events in 2018 including Ninja Vegas in April, Red Bull Rise Till Dawn in July, and appeared at Fortnite’s ProAm which he won with Marshmello.

Blevins ended 2018 with a bang by hosting his own New Years Eve event in New York City from Times Square.

He attempted to have over 1 million people perform the “floss” dance in Fortnite, however, it ended in a viral clip of him failing miserably.

The clip is now the most viewed Twitch clip of all time.

Congratulations to Ninja and we hope his success continues into 2019!

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