With the v9.10 Content Update, the Burst SMG has replaced the Suppressed SMG. Ninja gave his opinion on the weapon during his stream on Wednesday.

The Suppressed SMG was a massive part of both the casual and competitive meta of Fortnite. The Burst SMG doesn’t perfectly replace the weapon, but it can stand its own ground.

Ninja started trying out the weapon during some games on the patch day. While some people have been displeased by the addition, Ninja seems quite confident that the weapon will be a boon for Fortnite.

Ninja likes the new Burst SMG

Sometimes, new additions to Fortnite are universally hated by all players, but the Burst SMG has split some opinions. This is to be expected.

The Suppressed SMG was a favorite of many players and will continue to be a favorite for many even with its removal. This means that some players will naturally ‘hate’ the new Burst SMG.

Ninja is not one of those players and believes that the weapon will positively impact the game. The meta of competitive Fortnite has been up in the air since the removal of the Pump Shotgun, but Ninja thinks we are now on the right path.

“Apparently some people are upset about this gun being in the game, I think the Burst SMG is going to change the meta of the game hard, already. It bleeds through, the damage, the bullets will push through someone’s wall.”

Ninja makes an excellent point that we failed to cover in our initial piece of the weapon.

The bleed through damage of the high speed bursts can hit players after a build is destroyed. For example, if you have a wall down to 30 health, you can burst the wall and two bullets will continue through and hit the player inside.

Aggressive player’s new go-to choice!

This means that the Burst SMG, while not having the same functions as the Suppressed SMG, can promote more aggressive gameplay. This is especially good news for Solo players as the mode has been suffering in the latest updates.

Some players simply sit inside 1×1 builds and constantly rebuild. This, in Solos, extends fights to ridiculous lengths. With this new bleed-through damage, Solo players can play much more aggressive to force out passive players.

With that said, the Burst SMG uses Small Ammo and the type is harder to find that Medium rounds on average. This will limit it’s pushing power to a degree, but a diligent looter should get enough ammo for at least a few fights.

What do you think of the new Burst SMG? Come let us know in our poll and leave your reasoning in the comments of that article!

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