While Ninja faces a lot of criticism constantly, apparently even his viewers are being hit with that backlash. 

While streaming one of his viewers said: “You’re my favorite streamer and people at school make fun of me for it.”

Ninja’s responded with some sage advice for anyone being bullied in school.

“If you’re getting made fun of because you like anything someone else doesn’t like, those aren’t your friends. They are the losers. It’s your taste, your opinion.”

That’s advice a lot of young people need to hear. The status quo can shift public opinion in a hurry. If you like Ninja, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s great too. Anybody who makes fun of someone over something so small isn’t worth listening too.

It’s not just streamers either. Later Ninja compares being a fan of a streamer to being a fan of a band.

“People make fun of you for liking a band, what are you gonna do, stop listening to the band? Uh, no, you’d say ‘I really like this band so I’m gonna keep listening to them and I don’t care what all the other people think.’ Don’t worry about it.”

That can be hard to think about at the moment, but remember Ninja is currently the most popular streamer. Chances are good you aren’t the only one in your friend group who is a fan, just the only one willing to speak up and defend him.

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