Stream sniping is an issue that just will not go away due to a mix of factors. Ninja experienced another possible instance of the practice during the World Cup Qualifier.

Stream sniping, for those that don’t know, involves harassing streamers by tracking their in-game movements and killing them unfairly with that info.

While there are some counters to stream sniping such as stream delay/hiding UI elements, these often times degrade the experience for viewers and the streamer.

Ninja gets stream-sniped…again

Ninja has been getting stream-sniped more and more lately. We don’t know why, but we assume that it’s combination of jealousy and hatred for recent accurate criticisms of Fortnite.

During the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, Ninja was doing quite decently and performing to the best of his ability. He had a simple 3 minute delay on his stream that would prevent most stream sniping, but it wasn’t enough it seems.

Ninja gets stream sniped on his final game of the World Cup qualifiers from r/FortniteCompetitive

Ninja is seen here reviewing the gameplay of his 10th match during the Finals of the Solos World Cup qualifier.

A potential stream sniper uses vents to travel quickly towards Ninja, but this might just be a coincidence. However, the game has only gone on for about 5 and half minutes…no need to engage in risky fights when the player is already looted out.

Keep in mind that the player is far outside the audio range of the fight Ninja is engaged in at the time.

The player then takes a Supply Drop while staring directly at Ninja’s fight. But here comes the suspicious part.

The sniper sees Ninja’s opponent fighting from high ground and rifts. Then, instead of taking the high ground, the player curves directly towards Ninja as he trying to tunnel away to Lazy Lagoon.

Why would someone dive in onto a fight and choose to take the low ground on purpose? While “the player is bad” would be a valid excuse in public matches, it’s not when you are playing amongst the top 3000 players.

How you can help confirm the stream sniping

Due to the new Server Replays released by Epic Games for the qualifier matches, you can find and view this exact game from the sniper’s perspective.

Ninja and us might be wrong and the seemingly weird patterns might just be how the player generally plays.

Below is the Reddit post put out by Epic Games with the links to the replay files for the event.

Fortnite World Cup – Online Open Week 1: Replays Available from r/FortniteCompetitive

We highly recommend, if you have the time, to review the gameplay above. We have not gotten a chance to review all of the gameplay and other matches played by the potential sniper. In addition, we’re sure Epic Games would appreciate it if you reported the player to them if you find any more evidence.

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  1. Hate to tell you but Ninja report almost everyone who eliminates him. He cries stream sniping everytime. He can’t stand that he was taken out by someone better than him who is not a streamer. Snipers don’t have to take higher ground to snipe. A real sniper would take the shot if he had one regardless of terrain. If the shot is there then take it.
    You shouldn’t encourage people to report players with out proof and Ninjas word isn’t proof! In that logic we should report Ninja for cheating when he falsely reports someone for stream sniping because he is a poor loser!

  2. I am not a streamer or a stream sniper but I am a wicked sniper from where ever. Rarely high ground. I barely watch streamers because I can’t stand how much they whine like the pre-teens they wish to serve. Nor do I wish to hear of Ninja’s whiney exploits of who stream sniper him here or how he has to wait 5 minutes or more to play a match. I enjoy the game, I know there are always things that can be fixed, but a pro wouldn’t bitch they would adapt and figure out a way to counter their faults. The thing is the more ninja bitches and turn people in, whether stream sniping or not; the more people will opt to stream snipe him. No one likes a whiner or a sore loser. I’ve bested many streamers ,no ,I’m not better than them in a match but I am a wicked sniper and one for many headshots.

  3. Ok so Ninja is nothing but i cry baby he reports every and anything thay doesnt go his way as you can tell he has lost so many fans because of being a cry baby if you have as many followers as he does but can only get under 1% of them to watch him that has to tell you something. Now on the other hand Tfue is a real streamer that doesnt cry or report because he got killed or danced on. Its time for people to see Ninja for what he really is a cry baby bitch. Read his rules the people that actually pay his salary which is fans they cant ask a question or anything in fact his rules should be if you wont pay me then get out. I am a streamer even when i have 400 viewers i talk to everyone of them and i take the time to invite them all in to play matches with me if you want to request a song or a game forme to play i drop what i am doing and do it for my fans. Ninja needs to either get banned or just stop streaming and noi am far from jealous of him as 90% of my fan base have all came from Ninja as they would rather watch me play before ever turning his stream and watch him. Time to grow up Ninja and grow some balls and quit whinning like a baby

  4. Hey, it’s called dont fucking stream or hide your screen, put streamer mode on, do all these things to hide it you idiot. Ninja cries anyways even if it was just someone who out played him


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