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Ninja expresses his disappointment with EndGame LTM content



The reactions to the EndGame and Fortnite X Avengers content have been a mixed bag. While some fans are genuinely enjoying the new additions, Ninja feels that Epic just missed the mark by a hair.

Fortnite X Avengers started on April 25th and brought a measurable amount of new content to Fortnite. A new Black Widow skin, the EndGame LTM, and other drops were made available to players.

More cosmetics are on the way from Marvel, but the overall reception of the LTM mode has been a little 50-50. While it does offer some excitement and mass scale combat, the mode could be better with some improvements/changes.

Ninja is disappointed in the EndGame LTM

Ninja isn’t the only voice in the Fortnite community, but he is the biggest and, at times, the loudest. His words carry weight due to the immense following he has.

With the release of the EndGame LTM, Ninja had a few words to say about the reveal. Mainly, his criticism is aimed at the lack of superheroes within the new experience.

Ninja began the day playing with ActionJaxonBTW and when his friend pushed him to give an opinion on the mode…Ninja simply gave a few sarcastic responses.

This isn’t totally surprising as Ninja is a competitive player of Fortnite. The EndGame game mode is about as far from a competitive experience as one can get. Explosions, flying, and random Infinity Stone spawns make it a “just for fun” experience.

Ninja isn’t one to blindly hate of content and did give a little more explanation for his feelings.

While the mode does offer the introduction of the Chitauri army and Thanos, it lacks what a lot of fans were expecting. Superheroes…

Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Black Panther, etc. are nowhere to be seen. It’s understandable as this is a “crossover” and the Fortnite characters as technically the superheroes.

But it would have been cooler to fly around as Iron Man or tear up the map using Scarlet Witch’s immense power.

ActionJaxon said “Is it bad that when I saw the fish hand holding Stormbreaker that I was kind of a little disappointed?,” to which Ninja gave another sarcastic “A little?!?” response.

The EndGame isn’t a ‘bad’ gamemode, but it is a letdown as Epic did inadvertently hype up the release of superheroes. With this said, Marvel and Epic are working together to release skins based on MCU characters.

MCU Character Skins Released

The first Marvel skin released on April 25th was the Black Widow skin.

The cosmetic isn’t exactly like the Black Widow from the MCU films, but clearly resembles her figure and fighting outfit. The uniform also includes the red ‘hourglass’ symbol which can be found more commonly in the comics or on the underbelly of a black widow spider.

Another skin has already been leaked before its release. Star Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be on the way to the Item Shop.

A new leak revealed the visual style of the new skin. Some players have not been overly happy with the leaked reveal, however. The resemblance isn’t too far off in our opinion.

New Items

Fortnite brings back Lightsabers for Star Wars day



Epic Games has re-added the Lightsaber weapon to Fortnite Battle Royale, presumably as a one-off addition in time for May the 4th, often known as Star Wars day.

The date comes from the play on ‘May the fourth (force) be with you’, and is celebrated by Star Wars fanatics around the world.

Although there won’t be any big conventions this year for obvious reasons, Fortnite is doing its part to pay homage to the franchise, bringing back lightsabers.

The Live at Risky event added Lightsabers for the first time.

First added as part of the Star Wars crossover in December, 2019, when the Millenium Falcon appeared above the map.

The event actually played a short teaser scene from the latest movie, The Rise of Skywalker.

On May 3, Epic announced that the lightsabers were back. Feel like a Jedi as Lightsabers have returned for a limited time!”

Although Epic Games didn’t specify when they’ll be taken away again, data miner iFireMonkey states that they will be available until May 6.

Even better, if you didn’t complete the challenges for the lightsabers last time, they are now re-enabled. However, some of these challenges are not possible due to other game changes.

There are four types of lightsaber, Kylo Ren (Red), Rey (Blue), Luke (Green) and Mace Windu (Purple), but the differences are purely cosmetic.

All lightsabers deal the same amount of damage (45 for a regular swing and 150 for a slam).

The most unique feature of lightsabers though is their ability to block incoming bullets. They can block around 30 bullets before being knocked back, and take a few seconds to reset.

Previously, they were only found in lightsaber chests, so presumably, these will be back too. If not, they may just be available in regular chests. Drop-in and find one!

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Fortnite science: bringing a Shadow disguise to a Ghost location

What happens when you bring a Shadow disguise to a Ghost location? What happens when you switch disguises? One Fortnite player found out.



What happens when you bring a Shadow disguise to a Ghost location? What happens when you switch disguises? One Fortnite player found out.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 introduced several new mechanics to the game along with a few returning ones. As almost everyone knows, you can now disguise yourself as a henchman to avoid taking damage from the faction in control of an area.

What happens when you bring a Shadow disguise to a Ghost-controlled POI? Few players have tried this, due to the fact that you have to make it to another area without getting into a battle.

One Fortnite player found out for the rest of us, however, and uploaded a clip to Reddit.

Epic Games

As you might expect – or, as should be the case – the Ghost operatives in the area don’t take kindly to a Shadow disguise. They’ll shoot you as if you’re not wearing a disguise, at all.

What’s more surprising is the result of changing disguises into the opposite faction. Apparently, when you jump into a phone booth with the opposing disguise, you don’t change clothes.

Not only that, but you seem to glitch-out and are unable to move once making the switch – something that cost u/Winterfresh1993 their life.

This is a relatively specific scenario, but now you know what will happen. The first part of the mechanic makes sense, but make sure to avoid switching disguises before breaking out of your original.

We’ll keep you posted with more ‘Fortnite science’ posts as other players uncover some lesser-known mechanics of the game.

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Patch Notes

Fortnite tips: check out these must-know Harpoon Gun tips & tricks

Take a look at some of these unknown Fortnite Harpoon Gun tips and tricks!



Take a look at some of these unknown Fortnite Harpoon Gun tips and tricks!

The Harpoon Gun was the first and only item added in Fortnite Chapter 2. That would be a stunning fact if you told us during Season X.

Even though the Harpoon Gun has been in the game for four months, the capabilities of the weapon are still being uncovered. As it turns out, the Harpoon Gun has a lot more utility than you may have known.

Epic Games

Reddit user EyeScreamSunday posted a clip to the r/FortniteBR subreddit that showed several facts about the Harpoon Gun that few people knew.

Did you know, for instance, that you can gather a line’s worth of items in one Harpoon Gun shot? The range of the weapon is also rather surprising. I had no idea that it could reach so high in the air.

It’s quite astonishing to see facts like these get uncovered months after a weapon comes to the game. The Harpoon Gun is one of the most versatile and useful weapons in Fortnite without being unquestioningly overpowered.

Hopefully, you learned something with this tutorial. It’s doubtful that you knew all of these facts. Now, go snag some loot from 9 tiles below you.

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