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Ninja expresses his disappointment with EndGame LTM content



The reactions to the EndGame and Fortnite X Avengers content have been a mixed bag. While some fans are genuinely enjoying the new additions, Ninja feels that Epic just missed the mark by a hair.

Fortnite X Avengers started on April 25th and brought a measurable amount of new content to Fortnite. A new Black Widow skin, the EndGame LTM, and other drops were made available to players.

More cosmetics are on the way from Marvel, but the overall reception of the LTM mode has been a little 50-50. While it does offer some excitement and mass scale combat, the mode could be better with some improvements/changes.

Ninja is disappointed in the EndGame LTM

Ninja isn’t the only voice in the Fortnite community, but he is the biggest and, at times, the loudest. His words carry weight due to the immense following he has.

With the release of the EndGame LTM, Ninja had a few words to say about the reveal. Mainly, his criticism is aimed at the lack of superheroes within the new experience.

Ninja began the day playing with ActionJaxonBTW and when his friend pushed him to give an opinion on the mode…Ninja simply gave a few sarcastic responses.

This isn’t totally surprising as Ninja is a competitive player of Fortnite. The EndGame game mode is about as far from a competitive experience as one can get. Explosions, flying, and random Infinity Stone spawns make it a “just for fun” experience.

Ninja isn’t one to blindly hate of content and did give a little more explanation for his feelings.

While the mode does offer the introduction of the Chitauri army and Thanos, it lacks what a lot of fans were expecting. Superheroes…

Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Black Panther, etc. are nowhere to be seen. It’s understandable as this is a “crossover” and the Fortnite characters as technically the superheroes.

But it would have been cooler to fly around as Iron Man or tear up the map using Scarlet Witch’s immense power.

ActionJaxon said “Is it bad that when I saw the fish hand holding Stormbreaker that I was kind of a little disappointed?,” to which Ninja gave another sarcastic “A little?!?” response.

The EndGame isn’t a ‘bad’ gamemode, but it is a letdown as Epic did inadvertently hype up the release of superheroes. With this said, Marvel and Epic are working together to release skins based on MCU characters.

MCU Character Skins Released

The first Marvel skin released on April 25th was the Black Widow skin.

The cosmetic isn’t exactly like the Black Widow from the MCU films, but clearly resembles her figure and fighting outfit. The uniform also includes the red ‘hourglass’ symbol which can be found more commonly in the comics or on the underbelly of a black widow spider.

Another skin has already been leaked before its release. Star Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be on the way to the Item Shop.

A new leak revealed the visual style of the new skin. Some players have not been overly happy with the leaked reveal, however. The resemblance isn’t too far off in our opinion.

Patch Notes

Fortnite v14.00 patch made secret change to reboot vans

Epic shipped a secret change to Fortnite’s reboot vans without telling players in v14.00.



Reboot van in Fortnite

Epic has once again shipped pretty major changes without telling Fortnite players. They’ve buffed the cooldown between revives on the reboot vans dotted around the map, which will be crucial in the trios competitions this season.

Epic seemingly has a penchant for not telling Fortnite players new changes to the game. They leave it up to the data miners to reveal the “patch notes,” but even then, not all the changes get listed.

While this is fine for most bug fixes, when weapon values or other cooldowns get changed, it can completely shift the meta. The Fortnite devs have managed to do it yet again though after the v14.00 update.

In the major Season 4 update, players were caught up in the hype of Marvel skins, the mythic abilities, the new battle pass, and more. However, smaller gameplay changes were also made that could have a big effect on competitive play.

Reboot vans have reportedly had their cooldown between revives halved from 120 seconds to 60 seconds.

This is obviously a huge buff if you have multiple player cards you need to reboot. Less time spent in one location means you have a higher chance of living, especially when you consider how hotly contested these areas are in trios events.

The buff came at somewhat of a cost. The devs removed Reboot Vans at Authority and Fortilla, meaning there’s less places to try and get your allies back up from. If the storm moves central, or down to the South-East, you could be left in a spot of bother.

Regardless though, it’s probably an overall buff. Losing two reboot vans might have you hamstrung from time to time, but there’s still a dozen dotted across the map. Being able to do two reboots now in the same time as one old one can definitely help you rotate easier with the time saved.

The change does pose a bigger issue though ⁠— Epic needs to tell players about these updates. This small detail can change how you play the game massively, and players need to know about it.

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Fortnite’s new Mythic item is a perfect counter to sharks

Fortnite sharks can be mean enemies in Season 4, but this counter using just a Mythic Item will send them packing.



Fortnite shark

Epic Games have added new Mythic Items to Fortnite Battle Royale in Season 4, and one of them is a perfect counter for sharks in-game.

As you will know by now, sharks can be dangerous foes in the Fortnite world. If you are anywhere near water, even sometimes on land, they can come diving at you with those big old teeth showing.

Catch yourself in their jaw and it could be game over, so knowing what to do when you encounter one is very important for survival. After all, who wants to spend the whole game working their way into the circle only to get eaten in the endgame? Not many players, surely.

Sharks in Fortnite
It’s actually possible to ride sharks in Fortnite, but it’s a dangerous game. Credit: Epic Games.

On September 6, Reddit user u/cobragrad17 showed off what appears to be the best way of killing them yet, and it’s super easy to do.

Using just one item, which is the Mystical Bomb found at Doom’s Domain, you can knock them right back into the water and send them on their way.

The Mythic Item itself is one of a kind, meaning it’s not always easy to get. There’s usually quite a bit of competition to get it as well.

To grab one, you need to eliminate Doctor Doom at Doom’s Domain, and he’s protected by a few henchmen. If you’re going for it, be sure to keep an eye out for his reinforcements. Getting outnumbered would be a nightmare, especially when you consider that Doc has higher a HP bar than a typical enemy.

Grab one and you’re golden for the rest of the game, though. Once you’ve got one, simply hit a shark with the ball and it will send them flying away as the video shows.

No more pesky sharks, and hopefully plenty more wins where they don’t cost you.

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“Real hybrid player” uses controller and mouse at the same time

Meet the only real hybrid player in Fortnite.



We’ve heard of “hybrid” Fortnite players for a while, now. Originally, the term generally referred to players who could perform well on both controller and keyboard and mouse. The first high-profile hybrid player was UnknownArmy, who showed all of his haters that he wasn’t only a controller God by winning Cash Cups on KBM. Now, he plays KBM all of the time.

EpikWhale is credited with developing the hybrid title before moving over the controller full-time. He was one of the first players to pick up a controller in close-range and bloom fights while using KBM for building and editing.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
Via Epic Games

These two pros are some of the only players who have helped develop the “hybrid” playstyle up to this point. Now, however, we have another contender. He’s not a pro player, but he’s taken the “hybrid” term to its logical extreme: using both inputs at the same time.

Instead of switching back and forth from KBM to controller between games like Unknown or mid-game like EpikWhale, Reddit user u/Teufellurch uses his controller to move and his mouse to aim. As you can see from the video, he plays claw and without Turbo Building – which puts him at a massive disadvantage.

In the comments, Teufellurch explained some of the logistics behind his playstyle. “I am left-handed. So I use my left arm to aim and instead of moving with the left stick, I move with my right stick,” he wrote. This makes us understand the setup a bit more, but it’s still mind-boggling to consider using.

On the topic of why Teufellurch plays this way, he explained, “At one point aim assist was way too overpowered (now it is mostly balanced). Basically I got tired of having the game do all the work for me and wanted to learn how to play with a mouse. But I hated moving with WASD and on top of that my fingers started to hurt after about 20 minutes of playing on a keyboard. So I had to find a different solution.”

The Turbo Building issue has pushed Teufellurch away from Fortnite in recent months, as he wrote on Reddit, but he still has one of the most interesting setups in all of Fortnite. He may truly be the only real hybrid player out there. Is it the most effective way to play? Certainly not, but more power to him. He’s free building better than most players can on their native input with Turbo Building allowed.

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