When you are one of the best players out there, you can melt opponents with weapons that might not be amazing to the average player.

That is what happened after the release of the Drum Shotgun this morning. On paper, the gun seemed incredibly powerful. Automatic shotguns have a history of being quite powerful – remember the AA-12 in MW2? – so Fortnite players were worried this would be the same.

The first reactions to the gun came from streamers as they shared highlight clips of the new weapon. Ninja was one of the first to record a kill with it, just look at his chat as he gets the elimination:

The chat picked up speed with plenty of “WTF” “MonkaS” and “OP” reactions coming from his community. (If you want to see chat, click on the clip page in the bottom right corner of the embed video.)

But the Drum Shotgun Isn’t Actually That Good

Once more players were able to get online and try out the weapon, the public opinion on it suddenly shifted. The main issues with the gun are the lack of range, the very low headshot multiplier and the immediate bloom.

Drum Shotgun stats are solid but not amazing

Having an automatic shotgun isn’t great if the automatic part becomes wildly erratic quickly. The lack of damage output makes it very weak against other shotguns. If your opponent has a combat, you have to hit 3-5 shots on them from a range where they are able to 1-2 shot you.

The Fortnite community rarely disagrees on a guns power level. There are plenty of arguments about whether or not guns should be vaulted or nerfed, but there isn’t a ton of variance in what guns are considered good.

That’s what makes the Drum Shotgun interesting. On one hand you have people calling it OP and on the other are people calling it basically unusable.

Check out the replies to the tweet below to see people calling it everything from OP, to wack, to weirdly balanced:

When the community can’t agree on a weapon’s power, that is a good thing for Epic. Any weapon added to the game that is obviously OP or obviously useless is either a problem or a waste. It will be interesting to see where the Drum Shotgun’s power level ends up after players have a couple of days to play around with it.

What are your initial thoughts on the Drum Shotgun?

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