The Shadow Bomb item was added to Fortnite a few weeks ago and the general idea isn’t awful. However, the implementation of the item has been anything, but smooth.

Shadow Bombs is Fortnite feature a lot of little quirks and bugs which allow people to easily exploit their mechanics. Pro players have started to use these exploits more and more to gain an advantage.

While several Shadow Bomb bugs have been squashed by Epic, a few still remain and it seems these are becoming considered features by some.

New Shadow Bomb End-Game Exploit

Competitive Fortnite brings out the best and worst that Fortnite has to offer. Due to the high level of play, each player is looking for ways to edge out their victories.

While vehicles have been disabled for Week 6 of the Fortnite World Cup (and Arena mode), Shadow Bombs still allow for easy rotations. While the items would have a nice risk/reward if working properly, their glitched states allow for ridiculous feats.

In an Arena endgame, Ninja showed off the ‘broken’ new tactic for the Shadow Bomb. He uses the ‘wall-jump’ mechanic, but exploits its indefinite timer to cling to unbreakable structures.

The Shadow Bomb is supposed to have a 6 second timer. After this, the player would exit the Shadowform and need to deploy a new item. However, wall jumping and airtime extend this timer infinitely.

On late game rotations where the game ends near a mountain or cliff (Fortnite has a LOT of these), players can simply attach to the side and ‘3P’ players from safety.

‘3P-ing’ means using the third person camera to spot other players when they cannot see you. This is an inherent aspect of all third person shooters, but with the Shadow Bomb…the effect is exaggerated.

The Shadow Bomb’s 6 second duration actually gives players a lot of time to maneuver, but an infinite duration will lead to hilariously broken endgames.

As Ninja said, ‘the new baller’ has arrived. Players will surely use similar mechanics in the Week 6 event. We already saw some questionable exploits from the item in Week 5.

We believe that rotations are among the most sacred parts of Fortnite’s skill gap. Other aspects of Battle Royale are unfortunately driven by RNG factors, but rotations allow for wild differences in player skill. With stuff like the Baller and Shadow Bombs…that skill disappears.

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