Arena Mode was added to Fortnite a while back, but it does not offer the same type of gameplay as World Cup Qualifiers. Ninja recently criticized Epic over the lack of better practice options.

Arena was a decent addition to Fortnite and allows for a more structured, tracked gameplay experience. Players can hone their skills against players of similar skill level, but the game mode is far from perfect.

Ninja had a few words for Epic Games over Arena mode’s implementation and the lack of true Custom Games in Fortnite.

Ninja wants better practice for World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup is the biggest eSports event in history, but the lead up to the Finals has been plagued with a plethora of problems.

Hackers, constant meta changes, and a lack of good practice all have been hot topics for professional players. Ninja recently addressed the practice issue on Twitter after playing in the World Cup qualifiers.

Not only does the game mode not offer the same type of practice as Custom Scrims, the current Streamer mode in Fortnite is broken.

It’s no small thing for professional players to be repeatedly calling out the game developer over continued issues. The mode already offers little practice opportunities due to the lack of end-game players…and now this.

The Streamer mode in Fortnite is supposed to help mitigate stream-sniping, but the system is currently broken. Cheaters can still detect streamers, see their names, and land on them for matches. This makes playing the game completely impossible.

How can Epic mitigate these issues?

Fortnite World Cup
There are few practice options for pro players – via Epic Games

Two words. Custom Matches. That’s all that’s needed for Epic to effectively fix these issues. Along with an obvious bug fix for the Steamer Mode.

The current Customs system in Fortnite is awkward, dependent on Epic to give access to players, and lacks any sort of lobby screen.

The feature would allow large groups of competitive players to exclusively play in closed environments for practice. The system would make inviting, setting up rules, kicking players, etc. much easier than the current Custom ‘code’ system.

Private Match lobbies have been a thing in gaming since the early 2000s, but they’ve completely disappeared from games with the dawn of Battle Royale. We understand that the project would cost money for additional, separate servers.

We argue that the cost would be worth it. Plus, the players are the ones who gave Epic the money in the first place. It should be used to improve the gameplay experience in significant ways.

True Custom Matches would allows players of all skill levels to set up games on their own terms and rules.