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Ninja calls for “Build Mode Sensitivity” for Fortnite KBM players

Ninja is frustrated with this missing feature for keyboard players in Fortnite.



Fortnite Season 4 has done what no other season in Chapter 2 has: brought some of the biggest names in streaming back to Fortnite. Ninja was one of the first high-profile players to return, followed by Myth and several others for the Chipotle Challenger series.

Season 4 is a return to form for Fortnite, and players are noticing how fresh the game feels, again. Ever since SypherPK brought Ninja back to the game, the latter has been streaming it almost every day. It’s fantastic to see one of Fortnite’s original creators having fun with the game, again.

Recently, the player base celebrated Fortnite’s third birthday with the traditional challenges, Battle Bus changes, and in-game birthday cake. Fortnite has made some massive strides since its release in late 2017. No one would have thought that we could be playing as our favorite Marvel and Star Wars characters three years later.

One element that seems to be constantly overlooked, however, is Build Mode sensitivity on keyboard and mouse. Controller players have had this option for more than a year, but KBM players continue to have to decide between high or low sensitivity for everything.

This missing feature frustrated Ninja during a recent stream. He’s been loving the game, lately, but it’s easy to understand why something like this – three years deep into Fortnite – is incredibly annoying.

“The fact that controller players have building sensitivity and mouse and keyboard – we don’t have building sensitivity – I want to punch something. It’s so dumb,” Ninja said in frustration while raising his sensitivity, yet again.

While fiddling with his sensitivity, Ninja only grew more annoyed. “What if you don’t want high sensitivity when you’re hip-firing but you want a little bit of high sensitivity when you’re building?” Ninja is far from the only KBM pro requesting such a feature.

We can only hope that Epic hears Ninja’s point, here. Adding building sensitivity only makes sense, and it’s hard to understand why Epic haven’t added it, already. Keeping it exclusive to controller players only fuels the divide that already exists between the two inputs. We can keep our fingers crossed that Season 5 brings this and other changes like it.


When does Fortnitemares 2020 end?

Fortnitemares 2020 is set to last for two weeks, giving players enough time to complete all of the challenges.



Fortnitemares 2020: what to expect

Fortnitemares 2020 is only a few days old, but not everyone is a fan of the new game mode. For those who haven’t gotten a chance to play, core Fortnite modes allow players to respawn as Shadows after they die.

Shadows are very difficult to deal with and can be nearly impossible to face in end-game situations. Almost all games come down to a couple of players versus a dozen or more Shadows. The only counters to the Shadows are Iron Man’s Gauntlets and a sky base.

The event, by itself, is a unique one. Unfortunately, casual Fortnite players don’t have a choice when it comes to playing with or without Shadow zombies.

On the other side of the coin, Epic have released challenges for players to complete during the Fortnitemares 2020 update. The rewards are worthwhile, so you’ll want to finish these challenges before the event ends.

Both groups – those who want to finish all of the challenges and those who are waiting for “normal” Fortnite to return would benefit from knowing when the event ends. According to several data miners, Fortnitemares 2020 is set to end on November 2.

This will make Fortnitemares 2020 the longest Halloween event in Fortnite history – lasting 12 days. We have almost two weeks to finish your challenges and earn the exclusive rewards.

Those who dislike the new Fortnite format can play Arena mode in the meantime. Zombies, RPGs, and other controversial items aren’t in Arena, although this is a much more competitive way to play the game.

In short: Fortnitemares will end on November 2. Enjoy it while you can.

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How to unlock the Logan style for Wolverine in Fortnite

The ‘Logan’ variation of the Wolverine skin is now available in Fortnite. Here’s how to unlock it.



Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 introduced the final style for Wolverine: his plain-clothes Logan variation. This might be the coolest version of the deadly boss, so it will be worth picking up.

Of course, you’ll need to complete all of the Wolverine challenges to be eligible to earn this reward. If you haven’t already finished them, you can find a guide to the Wolverine challenges here.

Players will need to complete 60 weekly challenges to unlock this style, as well. After week 9, there are 63 challenges in the game. You can skip some of the more difficult ones if you’re struggling to do things like eliminating Doctor Doom or Iron Man.

After completing these steps, you’ll have the Logan variation of Wolverine available to use. It will be interesting to see if the Wolverine boss is sporting the new Logan outfit – not that it would make him any less intimidating.

Season 4 Week 9 brought a ton of challenges to Fortnite. You can find the weekly challenge guide here along with a Fortnitemares challenge guide here – and make sure to follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL to stay updated on all of the latest Fortnite news.

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How to dance at the highest and lowest spot on the Fortnite map

Here are the locations of the highest and lowest points on the Fortnite map for the Season 4 Week 9 Challenges.



Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 brought us a new list of challenges to go along with the Fortnitemares challenges that are opening up over the course of the next week. One of those challenges requires players to dance at the highest and lowest points in the Fortnite map.

Most longtime Fortnite players already know where the highest point in the map is located: Mount Kay in the southeast corner. The lowest point is a bit more difficult to pinpoint, but you can find it at Coral Castle – the sunken POI that was added in Season 3.

Below is a map of where you need to go. The high-point (Mount Kay) is circled in red while the low-point (Coral Castle) is circled in blue.

How to dance at the highest and lowest spot on the Fortnite map

With a favorable bus path, you should be able to complete the entire challenge in a single game of Team Rumble. We recommend starting at Mount Kay, building up, and gliding all the way to Coral Castle.

You can take a look at the rest of the Season 4 Week 9 Challenges here, including how to collect Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks. Good luck!

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