Video games have been getting a lot of mainstream media attention, and most of it hasn’t been good.

After two shootings in Ohio and Texas, President Trump pointed towards video games as one of the reasons why there was so much gun violence in America. Of course there’s the simple fact that while these video games are played worldwide, only America has a massive problem with gun violence.

In addition, numerous studies have been commissioned to study this claim and they have almost all found that there is no correlation between playing shooting games and actually being violent in real life.

Still, many members of the gaming community have had to step forward to answer questions around the ties between shooting games and violence.

That includes Ninja who is now apparently being followed around by TMZ Sports paparazzi who wanted to get his thoughts on the issue:

Clearly he disagrees with the presidents assessment and points to the lighthearted side of the gaming community in games like Minecraft as an example of the good they do. This also is not an official statement by any means, he’s on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant after all, but it does show how pervasive this question is becoming towards people in gaming.

In response to these comments by Trump, Walmart removed many video games from their shelves and all advertising for any mature rated game. No word on what they plan to do about the gun displays though.

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