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Ninja, Benjyfishy, and more react to Fortnite pickaxe swinging ban

Epic has chosen to take action against players who swing their pickaxe or otherwise truce in Fortnite. The community has reacted.



Epic has chosen to take action against players who swing their pickaxe or otherwise truce in Fortnite. The community has reacted.

Trucing – or swinging your pickaxe to signify that you’re friendly – has become a popular strategy in high-level competitive Fortnite, especially in Chapter 2. The lack of mobility has forced players to rotate on foot. When everyone is moving, no one has an advantage.

In competitive Fortnite, you only want to take a fight when it will benefit you. Two players rotating out of the storm will only lose by taking a fight. It’s common sense, which is why most players truce when they’re moving.

Epic decided to ban this practice on January 20, leaving the community a bit puzzled. Ninja, one of the biggest names in Fortnite, says that he understands the methodology but disagrees with the implementation. Instead of banning truces, Epic should add more mobility.

Ninja is right about this. The only reason that trucing has become so prevalent in Chapter 2 is because of the lack of mobility. If you have a Launch Pad in your inventory, for instance, it’s much easier to disengage from a fight that isn’t going your way. You might be more inclined to take a rotational fight if you know that you have the upper hand.

Pro player and streamer Benjyfishy agreed with this thought process. He wants Epic to add mobility rather than ban people from trucing while they rotate.

Several other Fortnite community members and pro players chimed in on the topic. Most of them joked about not being able to jump or swing their pickaxes anymore.

Chap responded to Ninja’s tweet, saying, “Can’t wait to switch to a pickaxe by habit and get banned.” He also published his own tweet, telling his fans to unbind their jump key.

Esports consultant Rod Breslau joked that Fortnite has more integrity than baseball for banning trucing signals in competitive matches.

He is, of course, referencing the massive cheating scandal that’s going on with the Houston Astros allegedly using electronic devices to signal incoming pitches. Many think that the MLB punishment was much too low.

The problem, in my opinion, has to do with the lack of mobility and the length of Chapter 2. We’ve seen some sort of truces happen all throughout the history of Fortnite. Ballers would sit in a tree together and planes would shoot at the sky to signify passivism. Pickaxing is only the latest version of the same thing.

Chapter 2 has been the longest season in Fortnite and also the least-mobile season. We don’t even have Launch Pads anymore, which means Fortnite players have resorted to trucing on foot for over four months. We’ve been seeing it for so long that trucing feels like a bigger problem than it is.

No one was trucing like this in Season 9. We had all kinds of mobility options back then, so a lot of players would take a fight if they knew they could escape with a Launch Pad or some Shockwaves.

Banning trucing probably won’t change much in the long-run. Epic is almost certainly going to add more mobility to Fortnite, which will eventually limit the amount of pacifism we see in the game. Until then, high-level players are going to know when to and when not to engage with an enemy. And, no, you won’t get banned for jumping.


Lazy Lake Floating Ring locations for Fortnite Week 3 challenges

How to collect floating rings at Lazy Lake for the Season 3 Week 3 challenges.



The Fortnite Season 3 Week 3 challenges are here, which means we’re getting closer and closer to unlocking the second half of the Season 3 Battle Pass. Most of the challenges have been relatively easy this season, with only one weekly challenge requiring us to search in a particular area.

Last week we were looking around The Yacht. This week we’re venturing across the map over to Lazy Lake, where we’ll need to collect floating rings.

These four rings are scattered around Lazy Lake, making it difficult to complete this challenge in one shot – at least, if you’re doing it in a regular Battle Royale match.

As always, we recommend opting for Team Rumble. It makes things easier, and you may even be able to finish your eliminations challenge from last week if you haven’t already. Here’s a map of all of the Floating Ring locations at Lazy Lake:

The most obvious ring is located next to the gas station. You should be able to jump on an umbrella to grab it. After that, make your way to the intersection and look on top of the tree. The third ring is in the street at the entrance to Lazy, and the final ring is in between the towers of the No Sweat Insurance building.

Here’s a video from HarryNinetyFour that shows you exactly where you’ll need to visit.

You can take a look at the full list of challenges here, but the rest of them are easy enough to complete on your own. You may be sitting in the cornfield at Frenzy for a while, but that comes with the territory.

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Lazy Lake fireworks location for Fortnite Captain America challenge



When the Fortnite v13.20 patch released, Epic revealed that they’d be bringing a special hero to the Item Shop for the 4th of July. That hero was later revealed to be none other than Captain America – one of the core Avengers who we never saw during the initial Marvel crossover events.

Captain America is, reportedly, set to hit the Item Shop within the next rotation. He should be available when the Item Shop resets at 8 PM EST on July 2. We’re only hours away from having Cap in our locker, and he’ll probably be one of the most popular skins for the next week.

As you can see, there have already been plenty of official teasers for Captain America, but one of them went under the radar. When the Week 3 Challenges went live, Epic added a daily challenge that requires you to light fireworks around Lazy Lake. These fireworks explode to show the Captain America shield.

There are six firework locations surrounding this POI, but you only need five to complete the challenge. You can easily finish this challenge in a single game of Team Rumble once you know where to look. Here are all of the firework locations.

Fortnite Lazy Lake Fireworks

This challenge rewards players with 14,000 XP as it’s one of the golden daily challenges rather than a weekly challenge. That isn’t a ton of experience, but it’s a healthy reward for a challenge that will only take a few minuted to complete. Now, all that’s left is to see how the new Fortnite Captain America skin looks!

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This concept brings grilling to Fortnite in time for summer

This thematic addition to Fortnite Season 3 is perfect for Summer Splash.



Fortnite Season 3 has put a new emphasis on food. Vegetable boxes spawn all across the map while players farm for cabbage and corn as a new way to heal. Most players are fans of this change. The more healing items in the game, the better.

Why stop there? Why not allow us to cook our food for additional HP? Well, one Fortnite player made a concept that allows us to do just that. Reddit user u/MapleSmoothie created a Hot Dog concept. You can find them in fridges and eat them raw, or grill them for greater healing power.

Via: u/MapleSmoothie

This concept, as its creator points out, would be a perfect addition to the Summer Splash event. Grilling and summertime go hand in hand, and Epic even have an existing emote to correspond with the mechanic.

We don’t need to stop with hot dogs, either. Epic could allow us to grill corn and add other meats like burgers and sausages. Some of them could even grant shields, allowing you to carry some food versions of Minis and Big Pots.

It’s probably too late for Epic to add this to Season 3. There’s a chance that we could see it next year, however. Epic have always welcomed community concepts with game mechanics and skins. This one would be a small, yet thematic addition that could bring a new element into the game.

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