Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan suggested an innovative way to stop stream sniping while playing with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Stream sniping will always be a part of gaming and streaming. There will always be people trying to kill popular streamers for clout, self-promotion, or just to be a jerk.


All games deal with this problem, but battle royales make stream sniping particularly devastating. A player can loot-up and wait until a streamer is weak before jumping on them.

During a recent stream, Ninja and SypherPK began discussing the topic of stream sniping. Both players were spitballing ways for Epic to address the issue without individual streamers pressing the issue in each case.

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Both of them admitted that Epic needs a system that doesn’t require a personal review of each report. That’s when Sypher came up with a brilliant idea to prevent stream sniping.

Instead of reporting each player, waiting for a review, and hoping for a ban, Epic could implement an ‘avoid this player’ button when streamers encounter the same person over and over again.

Not only would this help prevent stream sniping, but it would prevent players from getting banned, as well.

In this proposal, when a player is avoided by several streamers in a row, Epic could take a look at their account and possibly ban them for stream sniping.

Of course, these players could make new accounts, but they have no way of knowing whether or not a streamer has avoided them. As is the case with any deterrent, it makes stream sniping more difficult. It’s impossible to completely eliminate stream snipers, altogether.

“I think you’re onto something, Sypher,” Ninja said when he heard the idea. This system would take time to implement, but it might be the best stream sniping deterrent that anyone has proposed.

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