Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan announce that they will be teammates in the upcoming Fortnite FNCS competition.

After news of Reverse2k and Ninja splitting as a duo, a lot of fans were wondering who Ninja would choose for his Fortnite FNCS teammate. Many speculated that SypherPK might be his next partner, as the two have been frequently playing together.


On May 16, SypherPK released a video entitled, ‘Announcing My NEW Duo for the Fortnite Champion Series…’ At the beginning of the video, Sypher confirmed that he will be playing with Ninja and recapped the last time the two played competitive Fortnite together.

SypherPK has traditionally played with Ranger in the duo competitions but will be leaving the pro player behind to team up with a fellow content creator.

Ninja has, historically, had more competitive success than SypherPK. He narrowly missed qualifying for the World Cup duo competition with Reverse on several occasions and placed seventh in the squads FNCS last season.

Since then, both Ninja and Sypher spoke about how they haven’t been focusing on competitive Fortnite in recent months. The official release of the FNCS likely changed this for both of them.

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Fans of both will be excited to see how the two stack up against the top-tier East region in the FNCS. This is widely considered the most intimidating region in North America, with killers like Bugha, Clix, and UnknownXArmy all playing in the same bracket.

It would be a wild upset if the two could rank highly in the competition. Neither Sypher nor Ninja have been playing competitive Fortnite, but it will be extremely entertaining to watch them battle it out.

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