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Ninja and Mongraal debate lack of Fortnite Chapter 2 content

Ninja and Mongraal debate the merits of the lack of content in Fortnite Chapter 2. Are things stale or is Epic taking it slow?



Ninja and Mongraal debate the merits of the lack of content in Fortnite Chapter 2. Are things stale or is Epic taking it slow?

Fortnite Chapter 2 was the update that Fortnite needed to stay on top of the gaming world. They took player feedback and implemented it into their game, completely rehauling the loot system and introducing much-requested features like 100% chest spawns.

On top of all of that, Epic gave us some features that we didn’t know we wanted. They brought us fishing, swimming, and the ability to pick up enemies and teammates to name a few.

After the initial update and the subsequent Harpoon Gun addition, the new content stopped. We had an LTM for Fortnitemares and a change to the Eye Land landmark in the center of the map, but the rest of Chapter 2 Season 1 has been relatively unchanged.

Epic Games

Fans are split as to whether or not this lack of change is a good thing. Keeping the competitive meta the same is certainly an improvement from the days of game-breaking items coming on the eve of a tournament. On the other hand, casual and fun-loving Fortnite fans have had little to keep them coming back once they maxed-out their Battle Pass.

This is what Mongraal and Ninja debated on Twitter. Mongraal tweeted that Fortnite was getting stale and that he wanted a list of items from Chapter 1. Ninja replied, saying that – while he agreed – he thinks Epic is taking it slow and steady this time around.

Mongraal replied to Ninja’s tweet, saying, “Yeah I definitely think for the most part of this season they want the feel of the simplicity like season 1, I hope they start adding some new stuff soon tho.”

These are the two sides of the argument meeting in the middle. The season has become a bit stale. We’ve been playing the same map with the same loadout for nearly two months. At the same time, we’re not getting the game-breaking meta shifts that have turned people off in the past.

Epic is in a tough spot, here. For seasons, the competitive community was begging Epic to quit the weekly updates and improve on their base game. Now that they’re doing this, those same players are complaining about the game feeling stale.

Epic Games

Hopefully, the Fortnite holiday update will change all of this. We could get some map alterations, challenges, cosmetic additions, a new game mode, and some returning weapons to play with until Season 2 arrives.

Epic has announced Fortnite v11.30 for tomorrow. What do you hope to see in this update? Let us know in the comments.


Why do fans think Fortnite X Thor is the next crossover?

The Avengers continue to invade Fortnite.



Recently, rumors have been swirling that Thor will be coming to Fortnite as the next in-game crossover. No, we’re not talking about Relaxed Fit Jonesy, who bears a striking similarity to both Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski and Thor from Avengers: Endgame. We’re talking about the real deal.

Recent rumors of a Thor crossover began on July 4, when Epic released their trailer for Captain America. When Cap landed, there was a noticeable marking on the ground, behind him. This rune looked an awful lot like the mark that The Bifröst leaves behind when Thor enters a scene.

This is only a small detail from a Fortnite trailer – and doesn’t mean very much in isolation. More recently, however, we saw a few more leaks that point to Thor’s potential inclusion in Fortnite.

The first leak relates to The Bifröst and the markings you see, above. A new “HighTower” event has been found in the game files, which is meant to kick off with a growing rift in the sky and strange markings around the map. Like the Captain America trailer, these markings look a lot like something that The Bifröst would create.

This could be a coincidence – something that has more to do with the Fortnite story than a hint to a Thor crossover. It’s not the only clue that we have, however.

In v13.40, data miners also found mention of readable comic books coming to Fortnite. Hypex was able to match some of the blurry in-game images to a real-life Marvel comic. The subject of that comic? You guessed it: Thor.

When you combine all of this news with the recent announcement of the promotional deal with the Avengers video game, it seems all but certain that Thor will be coming to Fortnite.

This is everything we have, for now. It might not be concrete evidence, but these are some strong hints. Will Thor be the catalyst to usher-in Season 4? We don’t know, just yet, but it’s safe to assume that he’ll be the Season 4 “secret” skin, at the very least.

Marvel fans will be happy to see Thor come to Fortnite – he was one of the core Avengers who was missing during the original Marvel crossovers. Classic Fortnite fans may be a bit disappointed, but additions like this one show how much Fortnite has grown. This is a shared universe where all of our favorite characters can come to play. We’re excited to see where Epic take this.

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Limited Time Modes

Fortnite leaks point to the return of Getaway LTM & more

Fan-favorite Fortnite LTMs from Chapter 1 are rolling back in!



The Fortnite LTM rotation was the subject of some harsh criticism for the first two seasons of Chapter 2. LTMs were virtually nonexistent for months. Epic tried something new with the Spy Games modes in Season 2, but fans never took to them as they did to some of the older game modes.

When Epic announced the Summer Smash event, however, they told players that LTMs would be returning. Most of these modes were smash-hits – particularly, the Unvaulted LTM, which reminded players how fun these silly items and weapons are to use.

There are still some unique LTMs missing from the lineup. Fan-favorites like ‘Floor is Lava’ and ‘Getaway’ were never added to Fortnite Chapter 2. Well, that may change in the near future.

Fortnite data miner, VastBlast, found threads of several LTMs that received hotfixes in the live Fortnite client. These LTMs include a couple of new modes like ‘Rags to Riches’ and ‘Tank Battle’ along with one of the most beloved Fortnite LTM in existence: ‘The Getaway.’

We don’t know when any of these LTMs are coming to Fortnite – if at all. At the same time, any change to these modes signifies that they’re probably returning soon. We could be seeing The Getaway come back to Fortnite for the first time since Chapter 1 Season 8.

Fans were delighted to hear that ‘The Getaway’ could be coming back. It’s one of the only unique Fortnite modes that doesn’t seem isolated to Chapter 1. We may never see games like ‘Air Royale’ or ‘Floor is Lava’ again, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason that Epic can’t release ‘The Getaway.’

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about the release date of this long-awaited LTM. Follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL so you don’t miss out on any Fortnite news.

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Longtime Fortnite pro Saf signs with TSM

TSM announces their newest signing: Fortnite pro, Rocco ‘Saf’ Morales.



The Fortnite signings don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The past month has seen some of the biggest names in Fortnite scooped-up left and right. Luminosity had a massive signing day, Clix and Ronaldo signed to NRG, and Bucke, Clalc, and HazThaGreat signed with BBG.

Today, August 10, TSM announced the newest member of their team: former Ghost member, Rocco ‘Saf’ Morales. The organization and Saf, himself, announced the signing with a Tweet and a video.

Saf joins ZexRow. Commandment, Reverse2k, and Mackwood on the competitive Fortnite TSM roster. TSM doesn’t have the largest roster in the game, but they have a collective of players who are always in the hunt to win any given tournament.

Unlike a lot of other pro players in the Fortnite community, Saf has been near the top for a long time. He and Zayt are one of – if not the – only duos left from the World Cup days, and both of them had been in the scene before that.

The continuous signings of Fortnite pros from tier-one organizations show that Fortnite – and the competitive scene – is alive and well. These organizations and players are in it for the long-haul. Fortnite isn’t going anywhere. Congrats to Safaroonie.

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