The v8.20 Fortnite patch has been controversial to say the least, but The Doc took the heat up to the next level in a clash with Ninja on Twitter.

Dr Disrespect is a spicy individual to put it mildly, he is quite literally a character. He doesn’t have a filter when it comes to gaming and that’s why people have flocked to him over the years. He tells it like it is, at least from his perspective.

Recently, popular Fortnite player and personality, Ninja went on Twitter to express his annoyances with the v8.20 patch and its changes to the public gamemodes.

The feature in question is the reverting of the siphon from the “normal” modes. This revert changed the game back to what it has always been for the casual experience. Here’s Ninja thoughts on what Sqauds (only playable in normal modes) now feels like:

While the statement can be taken as “accurate” from the perspective of a competition player, let’s be honest, this isn’t exactly deep and sound analysis.

We believe that the changes to the siphon aren’t good for the competitive community (which many players actually seem to gravitate towards while calling themselves casuals), but the change makes perfect sense for casual players.

Siphoning makes the game harder and ensure that the more skilled player wins most of the time. We like that, but casual Fortnite isn’t about the better player/team always winning.

Dr Disrespect replied to Ninja’s commented with a fiery reply that probably doesn’t shock those who’ve felt his ire before.

Calling the biggest Fortnite streamer on Twitch a “whiny, bratty, complainer” is no small thing. He knew he’d get backlash and did it anyways.

We don’t condone this type of toxic clashing, but let’s take a look the underlying arguments.

Ninja argues that Sqauds is no longer fun for competitive players due as it no longer has siphoning. Meanwhile, the Doc stands on the other side where the casual experience should not have siphoning at all.

Siphoning shields & health has become a hot topic

Here’s how we look at it.

Casual Fortnite is all about having fun and not necessarily about having the best player win. So, siphoning doesn’t really make sense in casual game mode as a majority of players will get dunked on by better players with the mechanic.

Ninja makes a great point though that Squads can only be played in casual Fortnite.

We believe the best solution would be to further the split the modes. God knows the game has enough players for more playlists.

Arena Mode should introduce a Squads mode on top of the Solos and Duos it already has. This way, players that want to play with the siphoning on can have a place to play with friends without it affecting the truly casual community.

Epic Games is hesitant for some reason to split the community in any way, the suspected reason for the delay on a ranked mode in the first place.

The issue is very reminiscent of the calls from console players for dedicated competitive scene as the dynamic between PC & console makes for an unfair playing field. Once again, everyone knows the console scene would have more than enough players to fuel it.

What do you think of these issues? Who do you agree? Ninja or DrDisrespect? Give your opinions in the comments below, we’re genuinely curious about your responses. Let’s get a real dialogue going.