Nickmercs will be joining the FaZe Clan roster after his bad breakup with 100 Thieves organization. The player boasts the high viewership of any controller player in Fortnite.

The professional Fortnite scene keeps shaking things up as yet another big name is joining a new organization. Nickmercs is the latest player to be involved in a org switch.

Nickmercs is a professional Fortnite player who plays the using a PS4 controller (Scuf). He regularly pulls into tens of thousands of viewers to watch him dominate the competition. FaZe saw that the talent’s 100 Thieves debacle and jumped at the opportunity.

FaZe Clan picks up Nickmercs

Over the past week, both Nickmercs and FaZe Clan have been in the news quite a bit. First came the news of Tfue suing FaZe Clan over a wonky contract. Then, Nickmercs left 100 Thieves on bad terms due to Nadeshot breaking his promise to the controller star.

For those that don’t the details of that story, please head to our main article on how (according to Nickmercs) Nadeshot broke a $5,000,000 dollar promise.

Anyway, on Thursday May 30th, Nickmercs revealed that he would be joining the FaZe Clan roster. This seems like a logical move for both the player and the org. Nickmercs is liked by many, draws in lots of viewers, and FaZe Clan could use a win after the Tfue lawsuit news.

The trailer, made presumably by the FaZe design team, features a Fortnite crossover event style reveal. ‘Nickmercs X FaZe’ will be the beginning of a new era for the streamer.

Nickmercs has been a long time eSports player. Starting his career in Gears of War, he later retired from the game. He then moved on to focus on streaming career by playing tirelessly in Call of Duty online tournaments.

He still actively duos with one of his teammates (Nio) from the CoD days and hopes to qualify to the Fortnite World Cup with him.