Streamer NickMercs thinks that Epic has secretly buffed the Pump Shotgun to make it more competitive with the Tac.

Epic has been sneaky with their updates in Fortnite Chapter 2. They’ve repeatedly made balance changes to the game without announcing them, leaving players to wonder what’s going on.

The lack of patch notes has been taking its toll on the Fortnite community. No one knows whether or not the coin-flip wall replace mechanic is working as it used to, for instance. There seem to be several questions every time Epic makes an update to Fortnite.

Streamer and FaZe clan member NickMercs released a video on January 14 regarding a secret change that Epic made to the pump. He thinks that Epic secretly buffed the weapon, and says that “the pump has been slapping. I’ve been beating cheeks with it.”

(1:55 for mobile viewers)

Has Epic updated the Pump? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they have. The bulk of the Fortnite community hasn’t noticed a difference. There hasn’t been any talk of a buff on either of the Fortnite subreddits.

In this very video, you can see Nick hit for 30-damage headshots – something that’s been an issue all season.

Nick’s montage of Pump shots mostly showcases the Blue Pump, which has been consistent all season. The Common and Uncommon variants are still dog mess most of the time.

What do you think about the Pump? Did Epic secretly buff it or has Nick just been hitting more of his shots? Let us know in the comments.

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