Epic Games made the fateful decision in Week 3 to allow XXiF to return to the World Cup after cheating. Recent video from Week 8 suggests he’s cheated again and Nickmercs & Tfue aren’t happy about the ridiculous situation.

What’s the proper penalty for cheating in a major esports event? Everyone will give a slightly different answer to that question, but no one would say “two weeks is enough.”

No one except Epic Games. They banned XXiF for only 14 days following his nearly successful attempt to cheat himself into the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

It appears that XXiF has done it again in the Week 8 duos event and managed to qualify!

Nickmercs is certain of XXiF’s cheating

Nickmercs, the most popular controller player in Fortnite, let people know what he thought of the situation. He was viewing some Fortnite World Cup matches when he decided to look for a suspect XXiF tweet.

‘Relays’ is the name of the player that landed on XXiF in the clip that accuses the player of cheating again. Look at the interaction between the two found by Nickmercs on Twitter.

The proof of the case isn’t definitive as of yet due to Epic still conducting their internal review, but these events are starting to convince many viewers and players. The player is NOT XXiF’s duo and still gets the player to quote his tweet…then glides down onto him for a pickaxe kill?

Keep in mind that Relays was XXiF’s former teammate, but did not duo with him for week 8.

Nickmercs says that he “believes fully now” that XXiF cheated again. “That’s all I needed to see, that motherfucker’s tweet right there…that’s dirty!”

Tfue shares the same sentiment

Imagine being a professional gamer that works their minds out for a chance at $30 million dollars. You can already that stress building up, right? Now imagine seeing another player get a two week ban, come back, and qualify again!

Tfue wanted to share his thoughts on the cheating situation and they are much the same as Nick’s. However, Tfue used a bit of sarcasm to convey his point.

“Listen, I don’t think they’ve ever cheated” Tfue said, “, but I know where I’m landing the last week of duos.”

Tfue continued by saying that the location might just be the greatest spot for farming points due to all the “bots” that land there. Obviously, he is only kidding about the whole thing.

Obviously, a single location on the map would not be a center of ‘bots’. The worst players in Fortnite generally spread out quite randomly, but this doesn’t even apply to WC Qualifiers. These games do not have people that run armed enemies with a pickaxe…after their duo just died there.

There’s still a chance that the whole situation is a misunderstanding, but the proof is quite damning…again. The fact that it’s the same type of clip at the same location makes the whole thing look like a coordinated plan.

Here’s hoping Epic does a thorough review of the situation and gives a proper punishment to the XXiF and Ronaldo if they are found guilty.

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