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NickMercs stunned by this Fortnite vault glitch

A new Fortnite glitch allows players to get into the vault without using a key. Streamer Nick ‘NickMercs’ Kolcheff encountered a player using this glitch and lost his mind.



A new Fortnite glitch allows players to get into the vault without using a key. Streamer Nick ‘NickMercs’ Kolcheff encountered a player using this glitch and lost his mind.

Fortnite has always been prone to exploits. Most long-time fans remember when Tfue was jumping through walls and shooting through doors back in the day. We’ve gone through ebbs and flows of glitches, with some being far more powerful than others.

Fortnite Season 2 introduced vaults to the game, which give players high-tier loot once they kill an NPC boss and clear an area. It didn’t take long before someone found a way to get into the vault without having a key.

There are a couple of ways to do this exploit – each specific to a different location. This one involves using a boat at the agency. All you have to do is build a boat into a box on top of the vault. Cap it off with a cone, which will push the boat down into the vault.

This glitch isn’t as useful as it looks. The only time you’d need to use it is if someone took off with the Agency vault key – and you could get stuck and lose the match.

The idea is to surprise an opponent, but setting this up will take too much time if someone else is in the area. This is something you might do once for a laugh, and then never do it again.

That is unless you’re trying to surprise a streamer like NickMercs. The FaZe Clan member was happily looting The Agency in a solo match when he encountered someone in the closed vault. It blew his mind.

Again, the glitch, itself, seems a bit too convoluted to be worth doing. All of the big chests appear to despawn when you glitch inside of the vault, and you could get stuck if no one lets you out.

Still, it made for a pretty hilarious clip. Hopefully, Nick was able to pick his jaw up off the floor and win the match.


Season 4 drop spot drama: Zayt & Bizzle clash at Doom’s Domain

The Season 4 drop spot drama is taking place at Doom’s Domain between Zayt, Saf, and Stretch & Bizzle, Dubs, and Megga.



There seems to be some high-profile drop spot drama every season of competitive Fortnite. Most of the time, Tfue is part of one of the teams who refuses to move from a certain location. He and Scoped battled with Chap and Av during Season 2 and took on Zayt & company during the early days of Season 3.

Unfortunately, Tfue has moved on from competitive Fortnite and passed his mantle to a younger group of players. This season, the battle of the drop spot is unfolding at Doom’s Domain – one of the better landing spots of Season 4. Not only does this location net you Vault Loot and mythic weapons, but it’s also the only place on the map where you can get an LMG.

The teams of Zayt, Saf, and Stretch have been battling it out for supremacy of Doom’s Domain against Bizzle, Megga, and Dubs. Naturally, this has led to some friction between the two teams. Zayt has always been one of the most outspoken pros in the scene, and his clash with Bizzle is no exception.

Over the weekend, Zayt released a thread of tweets directed at Bizzle and his trio, calling them out for contesting him. He sounded off on his former teammate, even going so far as to say that their friendship is ruined.

According to Zayt’s tweets, he even reached out to Dubs about the trio leaving and moving to their old spot in Misty Meadows. “His only argument is Bizzle and Megga don’t want to leave because they have egos,” he wrote.

Bizzle, for his part, hasn’t been too keen on responding to the situation. His only contribution has been some laughing emojis and, “I just don’t want to respond to all this, it’s so childish.” Megga, one of the players in the contesting trio. Tweeted a photo of himself in the Doom’s Domain vault with the loot, suggested that he and his team took out Zayt & company.

This type of feud happens every competitive Fortnite season as some of the top players decide to contest one another for powerful loot. Catty Corner and The Grotto got the same treatment in the last two seasons.

We understand why this drama could frustrate the players involved, but it’s always entertaining to watch. There’s a built-in storyline at the beginning of each match as long as these two teams continue to contest one another. Keep an eye on these two trios as the season progresses. Here’s to hoping that neither one of these teams back down.

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Ninja discusses his break & return to Fortnite

Ninja is back to enjoying Fortnite. Could he be the first domino of returning popular streamers to fall?



There was a time when Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Fortnite were synonymous with one another. Ninja had a solid following before the game’s release, but being an early adapter of Fortnite allowed him to catapult himself to stardom – becoming, arguably, the most popular streamer of all time.

This all occurred in – what many consider to be – Fortnite’s heyday. The game is still extremely popular, but the biggest streamers began to fall off, one by one. Now, there are only a few original names left on the Fortnite Twitch directory, and Ninja hasn’t been one of them.

Although Ninja still dipped his toe into the Fortnite waters from time to time, he wasn’t regularly playing or streaming the game. For the bulk of Chapter 2, Ninja’s only attachment to Fortnite was the sporadic Ninja Battles tournament series. It became clear that he didn’t enjoy the game anymore and wanted to play things like Valorant, Fall Guys, and Among Us.

This changed a bit when Chapter 2 Season 4 came out. Ninja seemed interested in the new season from the start – contacting SypherPK for a co-stream the morning that Season 4 came out. Sypher missed the message, but soon capitalized on Ninja’s newfound interest in Fortnite.

A couple of weeks later, Sypher reached out to Ninja and the two streamed Fortnite for the first time in months. It was clear from the start that Ninja was having a blast with the new season. He and Sypher were messing around with the new hero abilities and fan-favorite returning items like Shockwave Grenades.

Fast-forward a week and Ninja is actually streaming Solos again – something that few fans expected to see. Solos are widely considered to be the most difficult Fortnite mode to stream, but Ninja was making impressive plays, talking trash, and dancing on fallen stream snipers. It felt like old times.

“Honestly, the game was not fun to me,” Ninja explained when discussing his extended break from Fortnite. “It felt super stale, super boring – I honestly don’t really have anything good to say about the last two seasons.”

Ninja decided to take a chance when SypherPK asked him to play during Season 4. “I’m having a blast, man. It feels good again. It feels fun,” Ninja told his chat. “I’m playing Fortnite Solos. When was the last time you saw me playing Fortnite Solos?”

In a lot of ways, Ninja is the pulse of the Fortnite community. Season 4 has felt like a return to form for Fortnite. We’re back to an evolving season with unique weapons and items that finally offer a variety of playstyles. The Boogie Bombs and Shockwaves might seem like small additions, but they bring the lightheartedness that Fortnite has been missing for the past few seasons.

Hopefully, Epic stay the course for the upcoming Fortnite seasons and add some awe-inspiring events to cap them off. Fortnite is due for a resurgence in popularity, and we could be on the brink of that. Ninja was just the first domino to fall.

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How to complete Fortnite Birthday Bash challenges & rewards



Fortnite Birthday Bash logo

To celebrate three years since Fortnite Battle Royale was released, back on September 26 2017, Epic Games have started the Birthday Bash event, with new challenges to complete.

In addition to the challenges, there are rewards, some festive changes to the map, the battle bus, and birthday presents dotted around the map.

Epic’s announcement says: “During the celebration, you’ll notice some festive changes around the Island. The Battle Bus is sporting a fresh new paint job to mark the occasion, and after dropping in, find yourself a Birthday Present and see what’s inside.”

Birthday Bash Challenges

These challenges will be available from September 26 to October 1, but thankfully most are straightforward.

You can see them all below (via FortniteFevers).

The one challenge that might cause you some trouble though, is dancing in front of different birthday cakes.

To help, here is a map of locations for the birthday cakes on the Fortnite island, via FortniteInsider.

Fortnite Birthday Cake locations

Here’s a look at the rewards available.

For creative players, there’s also some new content there, with the Princess Castle prefab now available.

You can submit a creation using the Princess Castle by October 6 for a chance to be featured in the first official Box Fight tournament as part of an upcoming Wild Wednesday tournament.

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