Epic’s decision to remove to the Pump Shotgun has been controversial, but the opinion of the Combat Shotgun is quite uniform. It’s a pile of easy-to-use junk that rewards spamming and has the range of an AR for unknown reasons.

The Combat Shotgun has become one of the most universally hated weapons in Fortnite. This is due to its poor design and unsatisfying gameplay mechanics.

The shotgun allows for ‘spamming’ of the trigger and even the lowest tier player can edge out a kill here and there with it. While the Pump’s balancing wasn’t perfect, the meta was certainly better than the fiesta we are in now.

Nickmercs brings his AR-shotgun to work

Shotguns have inherent properties that make them shotguns in video games. Generally, there are two types. The skill-based shotgun (Pump – Fortnite, Gnasher – Gears of War) or the noob-friendly shotgun (Combat Shotgun – Fortnite, AA-12/Spas-12 – Call of Duty).

Generally, Epic has wanted to keep the shotgun’s in the skill based category. Shotguns can easily tip over into the ‘noob friendly’ zone because of their heavy damage and wide-spread.

So, until the Combat Shotgun, things were looking pretty good in Fortnite for shotguns. But now, as Nickmercs shows in this clip, we’ve entered fully into the noob zone.

Nickmercs is about 10+ tiles away from the enemy player. The Combat Shotgun is still hitting the player for 10-20 damage per shot…

Yes, the AR would be a better option, but it will require the player to aim accurately. Meanwhile, the Combat Shotgun has a wide reticle within which it can do damage. This allows anybody with the slightest grasp of basic aiming to land ridiculous ranged shots.

Shotguns in games have (nearly) always had a ‘full falloff’ point after which the gun no longer does damage. The Pump and Tactical both share this feature. So, why then does the Combat Shotgun have this type of range?

This, along with its insane firerate, make the weapon so easy to use that anyone can be a threat with it. That’s unhealthy for all players as it’s not satisfying to ‘win’ a fight, but then be knocked from 70 health at 5 blocks away with a stray shotgun blast.

This old FPS Russian meme about sums up the Combat Shotgun

We mentioned the AA-12 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as an example of ‘noob-friendly’ shotguns. If you never played the game, the weapon is fully automatic, does major damage (one shots at close range), and has a large magazine.

The Combat Shotgun performs very similarly, but has the added benefit of insane range. As Nickmercs said, “What is this weapon?!?!”

What are your thoughts on the peculiar shotgun? Do you agree that the skill gap is diminished with its addition? Tell us your views in the comments below.