Playing in the Winter Royale qualifier seems to have changed the mind of one professional player about adding ranked playlists to Fortnite.

NICKMERCS of 100 Thieves recently told his stream that he used to be against Rank playlists, but after playing in the Winter Royale qualifiers, he wished that the Battle Royale had something similar right now.

“I see what Epic is doing by keeping everybody in the same playlist, in the same lobby, you know, everybody in the same pot,” NICKMERCS said. “I get it. I see what that’s all about.

“But now, after playing that for 12 hours, I don’t want to play this. I don’t want to do this. This sucks.”

There are rumors swirling that a ranked playlist could be coming to Fortnite as soon as Season 7, but Epic Games has not confirmed anything as of yet.

The Winter Royale qualifiers took place over the course of the November 24th-25th weekend, where players had three sessions to try and get the best score possible.

Then the top 200 performers from both North America and Europe were invited to move forward.

NICKMERCS participated in the qualifiers but failed to place within the top 200. He, however, took it in stride saying, “Wasn’t able to qualify but big congrats to everybody that did, GL in the next round.”

There were several high profile players that didn’t make it through to the next of the Winter Royale, which is the nature of a tournament such as this.

FaZe Tfue, SypherPK, Nate Hill, TSM Daequan, and DrLupo all reportedly missed out on qualifying for the tournament.

However, some players in the top 200 allegedly opted out of the tournament which means that players that just failed to qualify could be eligible, such as SypherPK who Tweeted his fans the following message:

The Winter Royale continues on Friday, November 30th with the European players competing. North American players will continue the tournament on December 11th.

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