The popular streamer is departing from the organization on good terms.

Throughout the last 30 days, NICKMERCS has been the most popular streamer in the 100 Thieves organization.

He is sixth in the list of the most popular streamers over that time span, he only trails Tfue, Ninja, Solary, Dakotaz and Timthetatman.

On May 24th, he tweeted that he will be leaving the organization with a well written note.

This news didn’t seem to take 100 Thieves by surprise, the esports organization run by Nadeshot was quick to offer their support to the streamer and wished him well on his new journey.

The obvious comparison has to be made. NICKMERCS is a top ten streamer, and even though not quite on Tfue’s level, this situation feels similar in many ways.

In the 100 Thieves tweet, they say he told them just that morning. We obviously don’t know the details of his contract, but it seems like he was either on contract that gave him more flexibility, or 100T didn’t want to make a fight out of it to keep him on the roster.

NICKMERCS has talked about moving home to Michigan for a while now and leaving 100 Thieves in the process, but it isn’t clear if this was a scheduled departure or just the day he decided it was time to make a move.

Compared to the FaZe situation, this seems like a polar opposite. Something 100T was absolutely considering as they crafted their response to his goodbye message.

NICKMERCS has been with 100T since the beginning, he was one of the first players signed to the organization way back in 2016.

The next question for NICKMERCS is if he will join another esports organization. It seems likely he will not as the biggest streamers are able to make brands around themselves now without help from an organization.

Ninja, Summit, and Dr. Disrespect are all examples of independent streamers leading the charts. That is probably the direction NICKMERCS wants to go.

On the 100 Thieves roster, he will be replaced by CouRage who’s move to 100T was leaked by Nadeshot and basically confirmed by Ninja in a clip this morning.

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