Yesterday it seemed like NICKMERCS and 100 Thieves ended a long relationship on good terms, it turns out that wasn’t true.

NICKMERCS posted a statement on his Twitter saying goodbye and thanking 100 Thieves. In turn, the organization wished him well into the future.

It seemed like everything was all good between the two parties, but NICKMERCS comments on stream this morning told a different story.

“[Nadeshot] made some promises to me, as a friend, how we were going to do it, how he was going to take care of me,” Nick said. “It just didn’t even happen man, you know? I don’t hate the guy, I definitely don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. Him and I are not cool, we’ll never be cool. I don’t want nothing to do with him, I’ll never do business with him, I’ll never sit down at a table with him ever again.”

NICKMERCS joined the organization in 2016, one of the first people to join the company. Since then, both parties have grown tremendously.

He has climbed into the top ten Fortnite streamers, currently sitting at 6th in minutes watched in May.

100 Thieves secured an investment from Drake and launched a popular clothing line.

While we don’t know the specifics of what Nadeshot promised Nick that he didn’t deliver, it is clear that the streamer feels wronged by the organization.

It seems like one of his main issues was Nadeshots inexperience. Going from being a champion-level CoD player to the CEO of an esports organization is a tough transition, and one Nadeshot has handled better than most.

But NICKMERCS was there at the beginning, and Nadeshot may have promised him things that he just wasn’t ever going to be able to deliver. That lack of experience seemed to cause a lot of stress between the two.

If you’ve watched NICKMERCS, you know he likes to stay positive and you can feel that same energy here. He makes it clear that he is only speaking for himself and that he understands the tough nature of Nadeshots job.

Still, he feels he was wronged. It will be interesting to see if Nadeshot responds to these comments in any way, but my guess is he won’t.

If he does, it will probably come in the form of a simple statement, not a tweetstorm like FaZe Banks.

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