A Fortnite FoV slider has been one of the most-requested additions to Fortnite. Streamer Nick Eh 30 stumbled on one by accident.

Epic did a fantastic job with Fortnite Chapter 2. They added new mechanics, balanced the loot pool, and made Fortnite a better experience for almost all players.

Still, the player base is never going to be 100% satisfied. There are still a few requests that we covered in a separate article.

One of the top requests that we included was the addition of an FoV (field of view) slider to Fortnite. Such a slider would enable players to increase their field of view – similar to what happened during the stretched-resolution days.

The reasoning for this is simple: it allows players to see more of what’s going on around them. An FoV slider would eliminate the need for players to stretch out their screens for a competitive advantage. Instead, they could keep the game looking as intended while backing-up the camera.

Streamer Nick Eh 30 got a sneak peek of what an FoV slider would look like in Fortnite during a Friday Fortnite (hosted on a Wednesday) tournament. Nick was spectating Liquid Chap after his own death and saw that the FoV was bugged.

Nick and his chat quickly noticed that something was off. He could see far more of the map than the standard Fortnite perspective.

Mongraal was even in his chat, watching, and said, “What is that FoV??” This field of view is something that players have been asking for since Epic removed stretched-resolution.

Could this bug mean that Epic is working on an FoV slider? It might, but it’s too soon to tell. Why else would the FoV be slightly off for Nick in this clip, though?

Nevertheless, this clip will fan the flames on the FoV requests for the next week or so. Expect to see more discussion about the benefits of an FoV slider on Twitter, Reddit, and other outlets.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.