The Flint-Knock pistol was added into Fortnite on March 20 with update v8.11, and Nick Eh 30 has been having a blast with the new weapon.

Fortnite players received a new iteration of the pistol in Fortnite with the Flint-Knock pistol, which sends the shooter flying backward due to the gun’s force.

Nick Eh 30 was streaming on March 21 showing off the new Flint-Knock pistol, when he got into a build battle with another player in Fatal Fields.

After a brief battle with Nick trying to out-edit his opponent, he uses the Flint-Knock’s force to gain the higher ground.

Nick fires the Flick-Knock pistol downward so the pistol’s force sends him straight up into the air.

He is then able to gain the higher ground on the opponent as his head poked out from his protective wall, where Nick delivers a fatal shotgun blow to eliminate the enemy.

He expressed that he thought the Flint-Knock Pistol is a better option over Impulse grenades for a few reasons.

One of those reasons is that the Flint-Knock Pistol is silent when you equip it, so enemies will not know that you have the weapon in your inventory.

Once players fire the Flint-Knock pistol, it immediately sends them flying in the opposite direction due to the weapon’s force unlike Impulse Grenades that have a short timer before detonation.

Streamers have been enjoying the Flint-Knock Pistol since it was added into the game on March 21 with update v8.11.

Tons of clips have been published online with players pulling off cool shots using the Impulse Grenade and the Flint-Knock pistol.

If you have been able to pull off a sick shot with the Flint-Knock Pistol, send us the clip over at the @FortniteINTEL Twitter!

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