Fortnite Battle Royale entered it’s tenth season with Season X that bought BRUTE mech vehicles, numerous items being vaulted, and more. A new leak has hinted at a huge change coming to one of Fortnite’s most beloved cities.

Season X’s introductory trailer hinted at constant changes arriving in Fortnite with POI’s constantly changing.

Tilted Towers, now Neo Tilted, has remained on of Fortnite’s most popular locations as the city has some of the best loot in the game due to having tons of chest spawns and decent floor loot.

According to popular Fortnite leaker, FortTory, Tilted will soon see a new style change.

Tilted Town

FortTory posted a video on August 1 showing a walkthrough of the newly revamped Tilted which will be renamed to “Tilted Town”.

The POI will change into a western-styled town according to the leak which includes numerous pictures and an audio byte which will be used as the location’s theme.

Buildings within the town will be transformed, meaning that the entire layout of Tilted might be changed. Players would have to relearn where each chest spawn is in Fortnite Battle Royale in order to try and earn the best loot right off of spawning.

While Epic Games do not reply to rumors or leaks, FortTory has a reputation of having reliable information.

When will we see Tilted Town?

Fortnite Battle Royale Season X launched on August 1 to rather negative reviews, so maybe a newly designed Tilted could help raise the community’s morale.

While we do not know exactly when Tilted will undergo changes to transform into Tilted Town, we think they will happen within the next couple of weeks.

We are only a few days into Fortnite’s tenth season, so who knows what Epic Games have hidden up their sleeves!