Xbox users will now have exclusive Fortnite: Battle Royale content.

During the Xbox Inside live stream on September 25, Xbox’s Major Nelson, joined by Epic Games Community Manager and PR, announced a brand new Xbox One S Fortnite bundle that is coming to market in the near future to markets around the world. Retailers and release date to be confirmed by Xbox shortly.

The new Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle includes the following:

  •  1TB Xbox One S
  • Fortnite Download
  • 2000 V-Bucks
  • Eon Outfit – Battle Royale Only
  • Resonator Pickaxe – Battle Royale Only
  • Aurora Glider – Battle Royale Only

Eon Outfit 

This marks the very first Xbox One exclusive content for Fortnite, as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch already had their own PlayStation and Nintendo Switch bundle content.

The PlayStation 4 Bundle, available in select retailers, features the Royale Bomber outfit. It’s also available at GameStop with a purchase of a PlayStation 4 controller.

Nintendo recently announced their own Fortnite Bundle, which includes their own skin pack — the Double Helix.

SOURCE: MajorNelson

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