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New Weekly Items now live



The latest weekly cosmetic items are now live in Fortnite with the latest in-game update!

The new cosmetic items include the Raptor outfit and the Cloud Strike Glider. The Cloud Strike Glider is also fully animated and has a nice effect in game. You can check out the latest weekly items in the game’s Item Shop menu.

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New Items

World Cup Winner Bugha gets Fortnite Icon Series skin set

The Bugha Icon Series skin set is coming to Fortnite! The winner of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup is being immortalized in-game.



fortnite bugha icon series skin

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf was the winner of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, and now the best solos player in the world is getting his very own Bugha Icon Series skin.

Before the 2019 World Cup, Bugha had a respectable online following, but he was still overshadowed by massive content creators like Ninja and Tfue. It wasn’t until he won the solos World Cup and claimed the title of Best Fortnite Player in the World that his following exploded.

The 17-year-old took home $3million and gained a loyal following that would stick with him over the years. While Bugha was undoubtedly the best, other streamers and content creators were being rewarded with Icon Series outfits. Players such as Ninja, TheGrefg, and LoserFruit were among the first to have their personas immortalized in Fortnite.

fortnite bugha icon series style cariant emote

Bugha’s Fortnite Icon Series Skin

Now, the long-awaited Bugha Icon Series skin has been revealed alongside Bugha’s Late Game mode and tournament. The cosmetic set comes with three style variants, an emote, harvesting tool, and back bling featuring Bugha’s pug Zoey.

The Bugha’s Late Game mode is a new trios arena mode that starts players in the third zone. This mode will be available to play from July 20 to 28. A tournament featuring this game mode will be held on July 28. The prize pool for the tournament is $100,000.

Bugha’s set will be in the Item Shop starting at 8 p.m. on July 20. Players can purchase each of Bugha’s items individually or as a discounted bundle. The reveal trailer below showcases each of the new cosmetic items, as well as explains the meaning behind some of the items.

With the Bugha Icon Series skin adding Kyle Giersdorf to Fortnite, who do you think should be next? Should it be another competitive player like Faze Sway or Benjy Fishy, or should it be a massive content creator like SypherPK or NickEh30. Let us know down below who should be the next Fortnite Icon Series skin.

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New Items

How to get the Armored Batman skin in Fortnite

The Armored Batman skin is now available in Fortnite, but there are a few different ways for players to get their hands on him.



fortnite armored batman skin zero point

The Armored Batman skin has finally arrived in Fortnite, and here is how players can get this new DC crossover skin.

Batman was one of the first crossover characters to enter the Fortnite multiverse. He and Catwoman were introduced as real-money transactions during Fortnite Season X. Not only could players purchase their skins, but a small version of Gotham City also appeared on the map for a short period of time.

It wouldn’t be until Chapter 2 Season 6 that Batman would return to The Island in another official crossover. This time, a series of comics made in partnership between Fortnite and DC would see the world’s greatest detective attempting to solve the mystery of the Zero Point. Batman would receive two new costumes during his stay. The new Zero Point Batman was released in Season 6. As well as the Armored Batman skin which was just released.

Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Location

How to get the Armored Batman skin in Fortnite

The Armored Batman skin was just released in Fortnite following the conclusion of the Fortnite x Batman: Zero Point comic series. Players have a few options if they want to obtain the new skin. They can either spend V-Bucks to purchase him in the Item Shop or buy all of the comics.

The new Armored Batman set hit the Item Shop for the first time on July 7. The skin costs 1,500 V-Bucks alongside a 1,200 V-Buck glider and a 500 V-Buck pickaxe. This means players will have to purchase 3,200 V-Bucks to buy the entire Armored Batman set.

Additionally, players who purchased all six copies of the Fortnite x Batman comic, and redeemed all six item codes, will be given the Armored Batman skin as a bonus reward. One of the item codes also gives players the Batarang Axe pickaxe, meaning players would only be missing the glider.

fortnite armored batman skin

A hardcover edition that includes every issue of the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point series is for sale on Amazon. The downside is that it won’t release until September 7. While that may be two months after the final issue of the series releases, the hardcover comes with a single code that will unlock all seven DC-themed cosmetics.

As well, players will a DC Universe Infinite paid subscription can unlock all seven items without any physical purchases. The item codes are not available during the free trial period. However, this is the quickest and cheapest way to unlock bonus cosmetic items.

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New Items

July 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack: Loki cosmetic set revealed

Loki of Asgard has made his way to The Island as a part of the July 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack. Here is what his cosmetic set includes.



Fortnite loki loading screen

Marvel’s Loki is coming to Fortnite as a part of the July 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack, and here’s what comes with his cosmetic set.

A few days ago, Epic Games teased Loki as the upcoming Crew Pack skin. Players already knew Loki would be coming at some point because of his “appearance” in a June Crew Pack loading screen. However, this teaser confirmed he would be coming to Fortnite in the near future.

Today, the Loki skin and cosmetic set have been officially revealed. A new trailer shows Loki getting up to his usual mischief, and still, images show what the rest of the cosmetic set includes. Starting July 1, players can grab the God of Mischief set via the July 2021 Fortnite Crew Pack.

loki july 2021 fortnite crew pack

Loki of Asgard coming to Fortnite Crew Pack

The skin features Loki in his iconic green Asgardian clothing. The God of Mischief dons his golden helmet with obnoxiously large horns. He also comes with a few other cosmetic goodies. Loki’s Scepter and Cape come with the skin as a pickaxe and back bling. As well, players can glide down in still using the Chitauri Chariot Glider. And if that weren’t enough, players can load into each game with the new Loki’s Welcoming Loading Screen.

Unlike the most recent Fortnite Crew Packs, the July Pack doesn’t offer any bonus subscriptions or free memberships. Instead, players will be given the traditional 1,000 V-Bucks and access to this season’s Battle Pass. While there hasn’t been anything added to sweeten the pot, this is the only way to obtain this limited licensed skin.

Loki will enter the world of Fortnite on July 1, which means this is the last chance to get the Mecha Cuddle Master set. The futuristic Cuddle Team Leader skin comes with three different styles, multiple loading screens, and even two lobby tracks. Players won’t want to miss their chance to get this awesome limited-time skin set.

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