Recently announced via Reddit, FortDesigner is a website you can use to come up with new fort designs for Save the World and Battle Royale and share them with your friends:

“Fort Designer allows you to create, name and share awesome Fortnite Fort Designs. I got the idea to it because I always had trouble explaining my Duo partners the Forts that I wanted to try. Also, it allows you to calculate the material costs, so you can make your Forts more effective.” – /u/spaggi

Here are the basic instructions for usage:

  • Right Mouse Button: Scroll
  • Q, E: Rotate Camera
  • Right Click: Change Material
  • Left Click: Build
  • Using Selection Mode (“Mouse Cursor Build Item” on the Bottom Right) lets you select, delete and hide Elements

The project is still very much work in progress so features such as the ability to edit pieces with the ‘G’ key as you can in-game are not currently implemented.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the website is available at and feedback can be given through the reddit thread or over on Twitter.