Whenever a new patch released for Fortnite, data-miners wake up early and get to work. They comb through countless directories to see if any new goodies are to be found. The Wall Cannon Trap seems to be one such leaked goodie.

Images have surfaced of a new Wall Cannon Trap within Fortnite’s Battle Royale files. This trap seemingly would attach to a wall and imitate the side of a pirate ship with three cannons launching a barrage of cannonballs at targets.

No additional details on the trap have been given as of now, but we can speculate a little bit on its functions/implementation when looking at previous trap releases.

First, here’s an image of the new Wall Cannon Trap, courtesy of @Hypex.

The images are slightly distorted due to an embedding issues, but you can see the images with a white background by following this link.

The cannon seems to firing the same cannon balls that can be fired from the Pirate Cannons in Season 8. We can then guess that each blast will hit players for around 50 to 100 damage, which is the damage profile for the cannon.

As you see, Hypex has also leaked an image of a Bow with an explosive tip that could also be arriving to Battle Royale. Both of these items suggest more explosive damage and build destruction coming to Fortnite.

The current options for explosive damage in the game can be a little unreliable at times, but we hope Epic Games finds a good balance around these new items to ensure that the meta does not severely shift.

The fast patching schedule of Fortnite has its consequences and we’ve had some interestingly busted items remain in-game for quite some time in the past (Remote Explosives).

What do you think of the Wall Cannon Trap and do you think it would fit well into the Fortnite experience? Discuss in the comments below or on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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