Well, it’s officially happening. Epic Game has began to release new styles for previous Season Battle Pass skins. Two of Season 3’s skins received all new styles in the v.8.20 update.

If you are a long time player of Fortnite, when you log in today for v8.20 gameplay, you’ll have a pleasant gift awaiting your arrival.

Epic Game has released all new styles for two of Season 3’s Battle Pass skins in the v8.20 update. Players who played in Season 3 and received these two skins through Battle Pass progression will now receive two new styles upon login.

The two skins in question today are the astronaut themed, Moonwalker and Mission Specialist skins. Two of the new style upgrades are similar to what fans requested with the Elite Agent, removing the helmets from the skins.

The other new style options have the skins completely donning their space gear and getting ready for spacewalk. These two styles pull down the visors to complete mission ready status and allow these two astronauts to step into the vacuum of space.

These types of style upgrades have been hotly requested by fans as they offer something a little extra for those truly loyal fans. New players can only envy as they see these new styles running around the map.

We expect that other Season Pass skins will also begin to get style options, especially those from the first few seasons. Ones we would like to see upgraded are the Fort Knight set’s skins which forced the player to wear the helmet.

Imagine seeing the Black Knight without his helmet or perhaps some other fan favorite from one of Fortnite’s previous season passes. It’s excellent fanfare from Epic and we hope to see much more to come.

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